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5 Must Do's in Monaco

Monaco, there are not enough superlatives to even begin to describe a place with so much luxury. With 2,000 millionaires and 40 odd something billionaires, us mere mortals here would perhaps think twice about visiting such a place.

But no, do not let the vast expenses of the Russian oligarchs put you off, because there really are some hidden gems in Monaco.

A recent trip to Eze in the mountains overlooking the Cote d’Azur meant that a trip to Monaco was imminent. So here is a list of the things to do in Monaco, if like me, you do not have the budget that might reach the upper echelons of the casual Monaco millionaire.

1). Take a taxi ride along the Grande Corniche.

We were staying in the picturesque village of Eze, which is must visit, and to get to Monaco we had to get a taxi ride along the famous Grande Corniche which has featured on many films including To Catch a Thief. The taxi ride is an adventure in itself, and if you are feeling extravagant, why not hire a car to drive to Monaco in, which will help capture your inner movie star!

2). Breakfast

Breakfast in Monaco is a must because it combines French culinary skills with the luxury-laden background of the Monaco harbour. Along the Boulevard Albert (the straight for the Grand Prix) there are various side streets that house restaurants and bistros that offer tasty and traditional breakfast dishes. The Brassiere Mystique on the Rue Princesses Caroline is an excellent choice for breakfast and serves both savour and sweet crepes that serve as an authentic of France that has not been affected by tourist interference. A must on the Monaco list!

3). The Casino

The Casino Royale, would Monaco be Monaco without mentioning the world famous casino that has attracted the rich and famous for centuries. This casino is like no other, with its hedonistic atmosphere and its aims for perfect luxury, this is a once in a lifetime destination. The marble stoned interior alongside the copias amounts of gold greets you on entrance, not to mention the mesmerising architecture of the actual building. Once in side, make your way straight to the casino desk to purchase a playing ticket. But remember some form of ID-a passport or driving licence regardless of your age. Once inside the casino floor, well, just spend your holiday savings and pray for good fortune!

4). Become a Shopaholic

Monaco is the host of fashion giants that have dramatic shops lining the streets around the Casino Royale. Forget the Champs-Elysees or Mayfair, Monaco's designer shops are a step above and there is something for everyone who wants to try and find a luxury item with Cartier, Dior, Alexander McQueen and Yves Saint Lauren, to name a few, lining the streets.

5). Dinner with a view

Dinner in Monaco does not have to revolve around the most famous restaurants such as Le Louis XV Alain Ducasse. Monaco has such wealth and quality you can find restaurants of superior class anywhere that offer food bursting full of local flavour. We found such a restaurant in the second harbour of Monaco just around the corner in Port de Fontvielle. The restaurant was Tre Scaliani and it looked out across the smaller, more intimate harbour. It offered delicious dishes of freshly caught lobster and shellfish that captured the luxury of Monaco without the excessive hedonism.


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