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5 reasons why, Megève edition

Megève, a small village high up in the mountains just north of Mont Blanc is France’s hidden skiing gem. The village has not suffered from the vast hordes of tourism that other resorts have had such as the Portes de Soleil area.

Megève has kept its charm and traditional medieval buildings, whilst retaining the classic Savoyard cooking style, which is enough in itself to visit.

There are many attractions to make a mid-winter trip to Megève, but here are our top 5:

1. Its vast ski area.

The Megève ski area encompasses a huge area of 320km that includes St Gervais and Les Contaimines. Around Megève the mountains of Rochebrune and Mont D’Arbois have many tree lined runs that a picturesque and something that you cannot get at some of the higher resorts such as Tignes.

Rochbrune Mountain

2. Savoyard cooking.

The Savoyard cooking is French dining at its best with its bold flavours and assortments of fresh meat; it is the perfect food for a long day on the slopes. Try the various meal choices such as a Raclette, Hot Plates, Fondues and Brasero’s.

Le Vieux Megève is the best place in the village to sample this amazing style of French cooking.

La Taverne Du Mont d'Arbois

3. Its stylish shops

Megève is known as the Little Paris, and its certainly shows it with its expansive and expensive shops. There are large amounts of designer stores including Moncler and Rossignol. If there is an off day from the slopes, the shopping in Megève will certainly keep you entertained.

Moncler Shop, Galerie Le Chamois

4. Views of Mont Blanc

The views of Mont Blanc in Megève are unrivalled; on clear days you can see the whole mountain in all its glory. The peak of Mont d’Arbois and Rochebrune have excellent views and make perfect picture opportunities.

Mont Blanc and Megève from Jaillet Mountain

5. The choice of hotels

Megève is home to some of the most luxury hotels not just for skiing holidays but for any holiday. The Mont Blanc hotel in the centre of town is must visit, even if not staying there just for a meal with its chic yet Nordic interior, the Mont Blanc is sophisticated yet cosy. Les Fermes de Marie is another outstanding hotel that offers luxurious suites and a renowned spa to unwind in the evenings.

Les Fermes Marie Hotel


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