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5 Songs of the Week:

As Autumn sets in, it is time to start looking at the new releases and there are plenty of fresh tracks to make the longer evenings more enjoyable. Here are The Guide’s 5 Songs of the Week.

Be Free-Yellow Days

The UK songwriter released his latest project ‘A Day in a Yellow Beat’ earlier this month, and ‘Be Free’ embodies the mood of the album with a flowing, relaxed melody and a gentle beat, utilising the sounds of brass and guitar perfectly. The song ‘Be Free’ is a fitting send off to the summer months.

Wolves-Big Sean (Feat. Post Malone)

With his return to the top of US rap scene with his release of Detroit 2, Big Sean used Wolves as a statement piece on the album with a dark, hard hitting beat, alongside his famous flowing lyrics. The song is topped off with the vocals of Post Malone in what is a strong homecoming to the industry from Big Sean.

I Will Not Hide-Doves

‘I Will Not Hide’ comes from Alternative group Doves and is an acoustic guitar/flangered guitar led song that infuses trippy, psychedelic vocals and bouncing drums. Its experimental nature allows for creative flair and shows that Doves are at the cutting edge of the alternative genre.

My Own Soul’s Warning-The Killers

After an absence from music recently, The Killers have burst back onto the scene once more with their sixth studio album ‘Imploding Mirage’. ‘My Own Soul’s Warning’ is a classic Killers anthem with a driving guitar melody and thumping drums. This is the perfect song to max out the speakers to!

Vodka & Lemonade-Ebenezer

RnB and Soul artist Ebenezer has created a laid-back tune with ‘Vodka & Lemonade’ which is an ode to drunken, romantic nights and is an ideal relaxer. With harmonic vocals and smooth lyrics, Ebenezer has stuck to core RnB and Soul techniques, whilst bringing in HipHop beats to bolster the sound.


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