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A Summer Indulgence: Mascarpone Gelato with Miso Caramel Ripple

Words: Lois Hills

This recipe is the perfect dessert. If you have an ice cream maker, then it's super quick to make. If, like me, you like to work for your food, then the no-churn method is great too. Just make sure you can mix your gelato regularly to ensure it stays silky. Traditional Italian gelato is best enjoyed on the day it's made, but it keeps well in the freezer. Just make sure to allow it to soften slightly before serving.

Mascarpone Gelato

Makes 600g, serves approximately 8.

For the Gelato:

  • 350g whole milk

  • 65g caster sugar

  • 1/4 tsp instant coffee

  • 1 tsp vanilla paste

  • 250g mascarpone

For the caramel:

  • 80g double cream

  • 90g caster sugar

  • 40g butter, cubed

  • 20g miso paste

1. Combine the milk, sugar, instant coffee, and vanilla in a large pan and heat gently, stirring occasionally, until the sugar dissolves. Remove the pan from the heat.

2. Add the mascarpone to the milk mixture and use a whisk or handheld blender to combine until smooth. Set aside to cool.

3. Add the cooled mixture to your ice cream machine and allow it to churn for about 40 minutes (or until it starts making a banging sound if your machine is as old as my mum's). Then skip the hard work and continue from step 6!

4. For the no-churn method, add your gelato mixture to a large container with a lid. Place in the freezer for 30 minutes.

5. After 30 minutes, give it a big stir, paying close attention to the sides to prevent large ice crystals from forming. Repeat hourly until you have a silky smooth ice cream consistency, about 4/5 times.

6. In the meantime, to make the caramel, slowly heat the sugar and 20g of water in a medium-sized pan. Avoid stirring as this causes the caramel to crystallize.

7. Meanwhile, in a separate pan, gently heat the cream.

8. Once the sugar mixture is a light golden brown, add the warm cream and mix thoroughly.

9. Heat the sugar and cream at medium temperature for 2 minutes, stirring constantly. Remove from the heat.

10. Then add the butter and miso paste, stir until incorporated and set aside to cool.

11. Once cool, store in the fridge.

12. When your gelato is set, stir in the miso caramel to create a ripple of deliciousness and return to the freezer or serve.


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