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Altin Tava, traditional Turkish cuisine

When you think of simple, rustic and traditional, Altin Tava would certainly spring to mind after a first visit and would keep pulling you back.

A holiday to Dalyan with family, was my first visit to Turkey, and it exceeded my expectations. Altin Tava was without doubt one of the reasons for this, and on the first morning we walked into Dalyan, which whilst in parts is quite touristy, is full of history. Along the main high street we came across a small bar/tavern that seemed to stand out amongst the rest of the restaurants along the street. Altin Tava was tucked away behind a mass of pink flowers and foliage, which seemed to increase its charm. Furthermore, its menus were written out on small chalkboards, which were partially hidden behind the pretty wild flowers. It seemed to invite you to find out more.

We loved it so much we visited twice on the same day, once for breakfast and later for dinner. On walking in, you seem to walk through a well equipped family kitchen, but as you approach the back of the building, you reach this small covered verander. Again it is surrounded by greenery and shrubs but it seems to feel like a small oasis from the bustle of the tourist filled streets of Dalyan.

The food is simple but without doubt full of flavour. The breakfast there is amazing, with the traditional Turkish breakfast being the main attraction. It consists of an assortment of fresh cherry and strawberry jam, fresh bread, a choice of eggs, olives, olive oil, tomatoes and cucumber, cheeses and honey. It really is a feast and something you must try if you come to Turkey. Eat this alongside a cup of specially requested Turkish coffee which is strong, smooth and frankly delicious. The pancakes here are also definitely worth trying; they come as both savoury and sweet. They come with plenty of fillings and the mushroom and cheese pancake is like nothing I have ever had with the pancake being think and creamy filled with closed cup mushrooms and feta cheese.

Breakfast here really is a must!

Dinner was recommended by some people we met later in the day and it is easy to see why. The chefs only use produce available on the day for the menu so obviously it can be limited, but if you fancy taking your chances this really is your place. On the night we went, they had a traditional turkish lamb stew, with fresh new potatoes and barley oats. They also had the days catch of sea bass served again with new potatoes cooked in garlic and also barley oats. Paired with the dry local white wine-Mistik, it was a perfect way to spend the evening, with the food being simple but bursting in flavour and demonstrating why rustic food is so good.

The Altin Tava is a place that shows its quality in its food, but is made better by the friendliness of its staff and traditional surrounding.

You must make the trip here!


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