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Artistry and Visionary: an Introduction of Sharifa

Words: Charlie Lake

Meet Sharifa, the undeniable force breaking onto the UK rap scene.

Sharifa music

Born in the East Midlands, his work is a unique blend of rap, pop, and R&B. Sharifa is a master of his craft, seamlessly blending his skills as a producer, multi-instrumentalist, and lyricist to create music that is sonically compelling and lyrically engaging. The result is a raw, exciting energy that is a refreshing and unique approach differing from anything else in the industry.

Sharifa’s talent has propelled him to impressive heights, being featured on BBC Introducing, Southside Magazine, and Brick the Mag. His latest offering, ‘WEIRD’, is boastful and braggadocious, with a heavy trap influence. One might be reminded of the likes of Travis Scott or Baby Keem when tuned in to his dark and intimate ballads. The visuals and creativity on the accompanying video are second to none, and this is a theme that has been reflected on all of his tracks to date.

Sharifa music

It bodes well that Sharifa approaches his music, and role as a creative in such a multi-faceted way. This ensures that visual production and song creation effortlessly intertwine to ensure that there is an osmosis between videography, photography and most importantly his musical ability. He is the full package, and this is a crucial facet to possess in an era where the lines between artistic sectors are blurring more and more with each passing year.

His previous releases, COME AND HELP ME and TOO MUCH touch upon more sensitive subject areas. The former sees Sharifa wear his heart on his sleeve, sharing feelings of instability, emptiness and incessant hurt. TOO MUCH, released at the turn of the new year follows suit, describing a damaging relationship full of falsehoods. His music is a sort of therapeutic catharsis and we wait with bated breath for his new release on August 4th.

Stay tuned as we have an upcoming project with Sharifa.

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