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Travel in Style this Summer with Bennett Winch's New Trifold Suit Bag

There is a glimmer of hope that through the dire British weather of the past few months, we may, at last, be on the cusp of summer. Teasing intermittent sunshine and warmth has meant that many of us are now daring to plan our balmy months of jet setting, and as if in symmetry, esteemed British luxury luggage brand, Bennett Winch have just released their new Trifold Suit Bag.

Bennett Winch Trifold Suit Bag

So, as you are gearing up on your travels, abroad or here in the UK, it would be remiss of you to not have the Trifold Suit Bag as part of your luggage collection. Its praises are already being sung by the upper echelons of the tailoring world, and as Taj Phull, Managing Director at Huntsman, cited, “this has genuinely changed the game”.  Acclaim does not come much higher than the top brass at one of Savile Row’s finest establishments.


Bennett Winch Trifold Suit Bag

For those of you familiar with the average suit bag, you will conjure images of a flimsy, useless item with the obscurity of a hanger poking out the top. Overall, a benign piece of luggage, that is long overdue an update. And thankfully, Bennett Winch have been industrious in their efforts; the suit bag has been redefined.


Their new offering elevates the traditional concept to a new stratosphere. Handmade in England, the full-length bag has capacity for up to three of suits, and is crafted from sturdy, yet beautiful materials showcasing the brilliant craftsmanship for which Bennett Winch has become synonymous. Tuscan leather retaining straps and concealed magnets hold the carrier in place, whilst the open sided format eases hard creasing, an essential element.


Bennett Winch Trifold Suit Bag

Similarly, an over-shoulder strap crafted from military grade cotton webbing makes carrying far less strenuous and combined with a rear panel that can be placed on rolling luggage, Bennett Winch have crafted a suit bag that is no longer a nightmare to cling onto as you navigate airport terminals, cars and trains. Coming in three colours of Olive, Black and Navy, the Trifold Suit Bag is both a timeless and stylish addition to any luggage collection, that most importantly makes your life easier.


Bennett Winch Trifold Suit Bag

So, as you continue filling in your diary with sun seeking trips, weddings, dinner parties and all other manner of summertime activities, you can rest assured that Bennett Winch’s Trifold Suit Bag will be on hand to transport all your most sartorial garments.


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