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Up & Coming Brands Who Nail The Cosy Girl Aesthetic

Words: Charlie Elizabeth Culverhouse

TikTok was already going crazy over the Cosy Girl Aesthetic on November the first. She’s Winter’s answer to That Girl, because with the sun setting earlier and the cold weather creeping in, even That Girl is struggling to keep up the energy needed to live her lifestyle. All you have to do is replace the green juice and morning runs with spiced lattes and Gilmore Girls marathons watched in the softest, candy cane print pyjama sets, and don’t forget the hot chocolate dates in a mohair scarf and ear warmers, and that’s the Cosy Girl in a nutshell. She’s perfectly put together and screams cliche Hallmark Christmas movie extra.

While most of us may never be as organised or peppy as the Cosy Girl, we can still emulate her look and pretend for a while that we could be. Luckily for us, it’s super easy to recreate the style with many up and coming brands perfectly nailing the trend with myriad comfortable and cosy pieces on offer.


ANTIK BATIK clothing


This French designer brand was founded in 1992 as an ode to the world’s wide range of traditional handicraft that founder Gabriella Cortese so adores. Ergo, everything the brand creates and sells is hand- and human-made to boast not only top craftsmanship, but also the promise of ethical manufacture.

While each and every garment lovingly crafted by Antik Batik is an absolute masterpiece, there are a selection of standout styles that perfectly encapsulate the Cosy Girl Aesthetic. From their simple yet striking Mila Alpaca Wool hats, scarfs, mittens and leg warmer sets, all of which are made using alpaca wool for it’s ultimate cold-banishing qualities, to the Dimero Gilet which brings a stunning take on the classic sleeveless outerwear piece, wrapping up warm has never been so chic. Some personal favourites of ours to liven up your wardrobe this Winter include the Danie Embroidered Gilet and it’s big sister the Danie Embroidered Jacket, both of which feature an ultra-soft faux-fur lining to keep you toasty while the stunning white suede and dramatic embroidered detail makes looking anything but chic simply impossible.

Nordic Peace

Nordic Peace

Photo: Nordic Peace

While Nordic Peace is a one stop shop for most everything you could need for stylish living, selling clothes, homewares, jewellery, and even cutlery, they've become most known for their selection of impossibly trendy slippers. Scrolling through Cosy Girl TikToks, it’s a given that at least every other video will show off a pair of their fuzzy footwear selection and there’s no question as to why. With both ethical and sustainable business practices propping them up, Nordic Peace’s focus on minimalist design with a pop of interest has captured everyone’s hearts no matter the aesthetic they subscribe to.

Whether it’s their viral Smiley Face Slippers helping to drag you out of bed and smile at the world, or you prefer something more cottagecore-esque for your winter style and opt for the heart-littered Lover’s Plush Slippers, with cosy faux fur uppers and a plush lining to hug your toes, you can’t go wrong!

Their Nibs

Their Nibs Clothing

Photo: Their Nibs

With experience as a buyer for iconic British heritage label Laura Ashley, whatever Their Nibs founder Fiona releases is sure to be a hit. The nightwear brand’s creative team has a clear love for vintage and British eclecticism that’s visible in everything they release, whether it’s a 30s-inspired satin nightgown or fluffy mushroom-print robe. Add to that their focus on things that a lot of other womenswear brands lack; practical pockets, vibrant colours, cool fabrics and oversized fits, and Their Nibs is set to become your favourite place to shop. Oh, and everything is made from ethically sourced and durable cotton and recycled satin - could we ask for more?

Every style the brand creates is available in mens, womens and kids sizes so everyone can get in on the action. There’s really something for everyone.

Penelope Chilvers

Photo: Penelope Chilvers

Inspired by Spain’s local craftsmanship and with a background as a painter, everything created by Penelope Chilvers is a work of art. She has crafted the perfect party shoes in the form of her Miu Miu-esque Rock And Roll Leather Ballet Flats and the stunning Low Mary Jane Leather Shoe which is sure to become everyone’s staple going out piece. But when it comes to the Cosy Girl, she’s going to be most obsessed with Penelope’s socks. It may seem like a piece that’s hard to get wrong - it’s just a sock after all right? - but you’ll be amazed at how sub-par all other socks seem when compared to the brilliant wool creations of this brand.

Crafting all of their socks from luxurious lambswool, the brand’s chunky-knit style socks, which are made in Portugal, are not only perfect cosy wear to keep toes warm when paired with slides or boots, they’re the ultimate staple to hunker down in at home if slippers just aren’t your thing. Whether you prefer something more simple and streamlined like their ultra-soft Wool Socks or their soon to be released Luxury Lambswool Socks whose design is super retro, or you want to go full Cosy Girl and love their busy stocking-esque Sunday Wool Socks, there’s a pair for every set of feet.

Jayley Collection

Jaylee Collection Clothing

Photo: Jayley Collection

With a love for bold colours and fabrics leading Jayley Collection’s design choices, they may not be a brand that screams Cosy Girl, but for those who find the trend a bit too traditional, they’re the perfect brand to turn to. By putting an exciting design twist on traditional pieces, like the exaggerated wide brim on their Leopard Print Faux Fur Oversized Hat, Jayley Collection are there to keep you extra cosy while also presenting a show-stopping look.

With a whole host of Christmas pieces in their collection, like their traditional 80s-esque Christmas Jumper that’s made from banana peel for ultimate sustainability, you can balance out the garish pieces this season with some more fashion-forward items - and the Cosy Girl is all about reaching that balance. Whether you wrap up in their bold Blue Long Mongolian Fur Scarf or opt for something a little more classic like the pared back Cashmere Oversized Striped Scarf there is an abundance of choice.


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