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The English Drinks landscape is booming and for good reason

A good drink can never go amiss and now more so than ever. The drinks industry in England is constantly evolving and for the better, with more and more drinks companies starting up, whether it be alcoholic or non-alcoholic, all of which are adding new, innovative ideas and flavours to their products. To help get through the next few months we have created a list of the best alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks companies that you should be buying from, in order to try some of the most unique and mouth-watering beverages out there. From beers to absinthe to Japanese tea, we have covered the best new upcoming drinks companies in England.

Padstow Brewing Co.

Based in Padstow, as the name suggests, the innovative brewing company has laid down its stall as a serious competitor to the various local brewing companies that are dotted around the north coast of Cornwall. With a brilliant range of IPA’s and ales, as well as stouts, the Padstow Brewing Co. has a serious repertoire of beers, all of which are bursting with flavour. Not only can you buy their beers online, but they have a chic tasting room in Padstow, which is the perfect place to try their produce and speak to the knowledgeable bar staff on the flavours and production processes.

White Peak Distillery

After already featuring in our Autumn Edition, this list would not be complete without mentioning the brilliant White Peak Distillery. With their expertly crafted gins and rum, White Peak Distillery incorporates the local flavours in their products to ensure the infusion of authentic Derbyshire flavours into their spirits. Not only that but their own unique whisky will soon be at the end of their minimum 3-year distilling process and that is something you do not want to miss out on, or if you cannot wait that long, maybe consider joining the Temperance Club, their very own whisky club.

Psychopomp Microdistillery

Found in Bristol, this fascinating microdistillery is producing phenomenal spirit products. Offering an unusual menu of drinks that offers not only gins, but also a Parisian absinthe, the first English aquavit, a single coffee digestif, plus an assortment of bottled cocktails. Using a single shot technique with traditional copper pots, their most famous product Woden is a classic London dry gin. Not only that, but they also run a range of seasonal gins that are bursting with aromatics. Their shop-cum-distillery also holds entertaining cocktail themed nights revolving around the drinks that they produce, as well as tours.


This is a soft drinks company that are doing things a little differently. Focusing on the health benefits of cayenne pepper, Nix&Kix are infusing their drinks with the healthy spice and they have created a seriously tasty product, that helps speed up metabolism, and encourages mood boosts. The award-winning company is helping to change the soft drink industry, and with that they have created brilliant drinks. They produce three different flavours, with the rich mango, alongside ginger being our favourite. Keep a sharp eye out for these amazing drinks!

Jarr Kombucha Passion Fruit

Whilst raw fermented Japanese tea may not be everyone’s bag, Jarr Kombucha have created a product from just that, which is delicious as is healthy. The addition of the passion fruit help to take away the initial sourness from the original Kombucha, and the result is a burst of tropical flavouring that will have you buying bottle after bottle. That is without mentioning the numerous health benefits, which are from the various antioxidants, vitamins and probiotics that are contained within the drink.

Camel Vineyard

With the lush, sun drenched slopes of the valley side providing perfect aspect for vine growth, owners Bob and Annie Lindo decided to start growing vines in 1989. With the Camel Valley Vineyard being a multi-award-winning wine producer, the quality of their wines is evident, and they are major suppliers to high end restaurants and stockists such as Rick Steins and Fortnum’s. With a portfolio of White, Rose and Sparkling wines there is a wide variety of high-quality products and the 2017 Camel Valley Pinot Noir Rose Brut is a brilliant sparkling wine and demonstrates just how far the English wine landscape has come on in recent decades. The Camel Valley Vineyard pride themselves on their openness and their meticulous attention to detail, which has led to their wines becoming extremely popular and not to mention extremely good!


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