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Eze, the secret of the Cote d'Azur

Tucked away in the hills overlooking the Cote d’Azur, hides the small, beautiful village of Eze. This medieval village is a place that has not been affected by the volume of tourists like places such as St Tropez, Antibes and Monaco have. Eze has kept its elegant, chic yet historic characteristics and this is something that makes it so special.

The main part of the village is the medieval quarter which perches on a outcrop of rock that has stunning views of the Mediterranean and on clear days you can see as far down as St Tropez and Cannes. The medieval quarter is the main attraction with its tiny cobbled streets, which are lined with small, individual boutique shops, which range from perfumeries to silk clothing shops. The old town also houses Eze’s famous hotel the Chevre D’or, which has numerous individual suites all looking out towards coast.

There a various restaurants that line the streets of the medieval town, with a plethora of seafood on offer. These eateries are petite, airy and serve outstanding French dishes. A personal recommendation would be the Le Nid d’Aigle which not only has delicious food, but the surroundings are perfect for a late summer evening meal as it is in amongst lemon and orange trees and inside there are jaw-dropping views out across the Mediterranean.

At the top of the rock, is the botanical garden of the old castle, which has numerous amounts of tropical plants combined with a stream system that makes it a tranquil retreat with sun loungers randomly placed around.

Furthermore at the gates of the village there are small stands selling an assortment of spices, hand made soaps and fresh fruit.

The village of Eze is everything one might want to experience the authenticity of France and the Cote d’Azur, and it is still is able to combine the luxury that is evident in the famous towns that are along the coastline such as Cannes and Antibes.


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