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'Frenchie, A Little Taste of Paris'

French cooking is often recognised as being some of the finest in the world, although to experience the upper echelons of French culinary skills may mean journeying to the Savoyard or La Ville Lumière. That is until the arrival of Frenchie, and as the name suggests, the gastronomic focus is on authentic French cooking, whilst incorporating contemporary ideas and avant garde techniques. Established in Covent Garden, as the outpost of famed of the Frenchie restaurant chain run by Chef Greg Marchand, the Covent Garden eatery brings the best of France to the capital and provides customers with the true flavours of the culinary center of the world.

Marchand states that he had always wanted to bring Frenchie to London, for an authentic French kitchen to be present in one of the biggest cities in the world. Marchand describes the Covent Garden restaurant as retaining the chic ‘Parisian Spirit’ bringing both a sophisticated yet relaxed ambience. The focus for Marchand and his team at Frenchie Covent Garden is to create a culinary experience, all whilst defining his restaurant as a ‘modern French Brasserie’, whilst fitting into the metropolitan aesthetic of modern day London.

The dishes available are extensive, with three different menus; with one Set Menu, an A La Carte Menu and a Tasting Menu, which allows those visiting a comprehensive choice, leaving no stone unturned for tasting some of the finest French cooking on the market. Plates include the ‘Smoked Short Rib Ragù Pappardelle, Wild Garlic, Caper Leaves & Pangrattato’ to start, ‘Woolley Park Farm Guinea Fowl, Beetroot, Green Asparagus & Pickled Walnut Purée’ as a main course, and finally ‘Strawberry Millefeuille’ as a dessert. The food at Frenchie is almost a hybrid; the mixture of both fine dining and traditional cooking allows for an unconventional experience that is unmatched and why Frenchie is set apart from many other French restaurants and eateries in London.

Its combination of bold and rich flavours is following in the footsteps of the custom of French cooking, and this is perfectly balanced by intricately decorated plating arrangements, meaning that the tastes of the dishes could whisk you away to the hazy countryside of Provence, whilst the presentation demonstrates the class and style of the Frenchie restaurants. A visit to London would not be complete without eating at Frenchie. The varied menu, coupled with the ethos of providing the most authentic French cooking, alongside utilising modern culinary methods and ideas, means that a meal at Marchand’s restaurant will be memorable and unique.

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Photos Courtesy of Frenchie's Website and Instagram


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