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Sustainability is Champion with Hexed

In today’s consumer climate the term sustainable is thrown around, often misleading buyers into believing they are buying products that 100% sustainable. The one industry more culpable than most is the fashion world, with big brands proclaiming their commitment to sustainability, but often sustainable products make up less than 50% of the materials in the clothing. However, with Hexed, you can rest assured that their sustainability pledge is 100% true. The brand, driven forward by founder and creative director Sharon Finch, is a breath of fresh air with their transparent approach, which certainly bodes well for forging strong consumer/company relations.

Too often are so-called fashion brands launched without prior experience, or with no real knowledge of materials or processes, however with Hexed, 25 years of industry experience is the bedrock of the company from founder Sharon Finch. After working in designing and sourcing for a multitude of UK fashion brands, including Fila, Hexed was certainly not started on a whim. Prior to the first release in December 2021, Sharon had spent two years intricately honing and improving the finished product that is now available on her website. This attention to detail and perfectionist attitude has been essential in ensuring her guarantee of sustainable products. This has resulted in a variety of techniques and methods to meet this promise, which includes using vegan inks, organic cotton and recycled yarns. Hexed work with UK manufacturers and suppliers to keep carbon footprint to a minimum and enables the collection to be made in small production batches. The emphasis on using UK manufacturers ensures that mass offshore production is negated. With Hexed, what you see is most definitely what you get, there are no hidden agendas or false ploys to push sales. It is a brand that is firmly anchored by its founding principles.

The highly detailed processes used in creating the products is not to the detriment to the design and quality of the clothing. Far from it. The items are unisex loungewear pieces, that focus on timeless design, neutral colours and fine detailing that give subtle elevations to the products. As Ms. Finch describes, the clothing is versatile, and serves as wardrobe essentials for anyone. With a restricted range of bottoms, hoodies, sweaters, skirts and t-shirts, the low numbered selection of clothing means that each piece has been carefully crafted and not rushed, not to mention there is less waste. Comfort has also been factored into the design process and consequently, whilst the items are highly fashionable and can be styled in a variety of ways, they still retain their supreme comfiness that loungewear is renowned for.

Hexed has got it right. The process, the designs, the products and most importantly the ethos and message. It is a company that is making a positive difference, rather than just proclaiming it. This, alongside their transparency, and their fantastic clothing line is a recipe for success. As we move through 2022, you can be sure to see Hexed take off into the mainstream and with new capsules in the pipeline according to Ms. Finch, the future looks extremely bright.


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