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Revitalising your rooms? Invest in these emerging interior brands

Considering a revamp of the spaces around your home can be littered with potential adversaries. The decor of our homes reflects personality, taste, and style; our interior design affectations are a vivid insight into our character and therefore deserve thorough time and attention. Cutting corners can not only be a detrimental reflection of oneself, but also, if you’re unlucky, can be a tremendous waste of time and money. Therefore, to combat these possible issues it helps to have a range of tools at your disposal, and most importantly a starting point. Much like the world of fashion, the goal posts of interior design are constantly shifting; it is becoming increasingly difficult to be in vogue. Furthermore, this is only extenuated by the ever-increasing prices of products from design companies. We want to lure you away from the mass-produced, large-scale companies shelling out countless pieces, and introduce the artisan craftsmen and women creating exceptional items for your home. From furniture and lighting to home wear and textiles, we have rounded up the top upcoming interior companies that will shake up your home spaces and leave you with truly individual products that will rejuvenate and refresh your home décor.

Looking to make an impression, then make sure to add a statement piece of furniture

An innovative coffee table, or futuristic recliner can be quite an eye-catching piece to own, and very often they can become just as valued as art. Therefore acquiring a statement piece of furniture is a great way to start adding some panache to your décor. For the more vintage style, Ceraudo is the perfect place, and make sure to check their own line of furniture which incorporates plenty of cane, patterns and bright colours. When talking about unique, you don’t want to look any further than Mustard Made, who manufacture different sized old-school industrial style lockers painted in a range of pastel colours; a perfect piece for both practicality and visual attraction.

A brand right at the forefront of the forever changing trends of interiors is Holistic Habitat. The team at Holistic Habitat create stylish pieces made from natural materials and always have an avant garde twist to keep them at the cutting edge. Meanwhile, MKLN Furniture is a brand that offers problem solving items, that retain an understated Latvian style, ensuring that aesthetic is not compromised for functionality. For those of you drowning in clothes and needing a sleek way to store them, then Sine Collection’s clothing racks offer a perfect option. Inspired by sculpture, the hanger system clothing racks are colourful, well-designed, most importantly chic.

Images: Clockwise from far left: Mustard Made/Holistic Habitat/Sine Collection/MKLN Furniture/Ceraudo

Make subtle additions to your spaces with stylish home wear items

From art and candles to wallpaper and tiles, adding refined home wear elements can enhance a new layer of expression and originality. Adding vivacity and colour to the walls of your rooms is an essential element, and to help with this, you would be unwise to not exploit the wealth of colour in freelance print artist Lucy Ellis’ pieces of art! Similarly, for more minimalist, yet expressive works inspired by the human form and nature, then make sure to contact Brighton based artist James Wilson.

There can be no argument over the place of candles and diffusers in your rooms, and for us it would be remiss to not mention Cotswold Pure Botanicals. They craft high quality refillable candles, alongside their wide variety of diffusers. For us wallpaper is divisive, some love it, some hate it, however with Maison C’s hand drawn designs, the literature and nature inspired prints are unconventional and bohemian and will undoubtedly bring your walls to life. Similarly, tiles are a brilliant way to add both texture and colour, and The Baked Tile Co are one of the best in the business. Based in Wales, the premise is simple: bringing luxury-style tiles to market, but at an affordable price, giving your homes more character and individuality.

Images: Clockwise from far left: Lucy Ellis Designs/Maison C/The Baked Tile Co./Cotswold Pure Botanicals/James Wilson

Change the mood with an array of lighting

Good lighting is a décor essential, they bring a room to life and set atmosphere and mood, so getting it right can be a difficult decision. Luckily, Rowena Morgan-Cox understood this struggle and established her own brand, Palefire, who produce a range of lights and shades, all of which are crafted from recycled paper-pulp and painted in dramatic colours. If you are searching for clean cut, sophisticated lighting then Hand & Eye Studio is your answer. The London based brand uses a range of materials and techniques to craft slick, polished lighting.

Alternatively, timeless and elegant are two ways to describe Original BTC, who craft unassuming lamps and lights that add a touch of luxury to any room. Also Blue Print Lighting, whilst not necessarily a newcomer to the industry, is a company that flies under the radar. The New York based brand specialises in making contemporary lights that have a modern and luxury twist, but reassuringly, they won’t break the bank. Finally, La Metric is possibly one of the most innovative and forward-thinking lighting companies out there. Defined as smart lighting, the mosaic inspired lights can change form to adjust to your mood, or desired atmosphere and serve as a truly unique piece of decoration in any household.

Images: Clockwise from far left: La Metric/Palefire/Blue Print Lighting/Hand & Eye Studio/Original BTC

Ensure splashes of colour and texture throughout with refined textiles

Textiles can add a real sense of personality to a room, with many rugs, blankets and cushions helping to soften a space, as well as adding comfort to your home. Scandi interiors are a firm fan favourite, and we at The Guide love their stripped back approach to clean cut décor, so why not add some Scandinavian design into your homes with Nordic Knot. The refined rugs that are available at Nordic Knot are simple and unassuming yet are a charming addition that won’t cost a fortune. Alternatively if you are searching for something more extravagant, and bold, then A Rum Fellow is a perfect choice. Handmade by artisans in Guatemala, these fun, vibrant rugs are a refreshing alternative to the advent of neutral colours that now dominate both fashion and interiors.

When it comes to cushions London artist Fee Greening will create bespoke covers that can add charm and character your sofas and chairs, and her work has even earned her celebrity fans, including Florence + The Machine. Much like items of furniture, there is a wealth of vintage and antique pieces that can be a special addition to your room layouts, and in Jean Palmer Home, you can find a specialist who curates traditional textiles and rugs that will add a touch of exclusivity to your home. Lastly, Aller Home is a story of fan demand, as ex-fashion PR Cat Earp launched her interiors brand off of the success of her stylishly designed farm stay shepherd huts that she set up on her land. Consequently, Aller Home produces a range of beautifully made headboards and cushions, as well as a range of home wear products, inspired by the original décor of the shepherd huts.

Images: Clockwise from far left: A Rum Fellow/Aller Home/Jean Palmer Home/Fee Greening/Nordic Knot

To add real flair to your dinner parties, overload on crockery and ceramics

Having a range of quirky, distinctive crockery and ceramics is a sure-fire way to add a touch of your own creativity and personality into your kitchen. Luckily, there are so many artisan potters out there who are creating interesting, original, and sometimes eccentric ceramics. Beau Rush, a Brooklyn based company, is shaping bright coloured pastel crockery, with subtle imperfections that add individuality to each item, and you can be assured that a piece from Beau Rush will be eye-catching, for all the right reasons. If earthy colours are more desirable then Common Clay studios, headed up by Carla Wright will not let you down. With soft colours and interesting patterns, items from Common Clay are homely and comforting.

We should not forget to mention statement pieces, and if you are looking for something special then we would recommend Mudbelly Ceramics, who produce stunning ceramics that explore major universal themes such as violence and fear. Furthermore, a break-through artist who is making noise on the ceramic scene is Ellie Redfern, based in south London. Our personal favourite of her work is her delicate Clem Mugs; a perfect piece to enjoy your morning coffee in. If quirky patterns or bold colours are not your thing, then Pigeon Toe Ceramics will certainly entice you. Their block colour ceramics are minimalist, high quality and inconspicuous, and offer a more simplistic alternative to more striking options.

Image: Clockwise from far left: Ellie Redferm/Mudberry Ceramics/Beau Rush/Common Clay/Pigeon Toe Ceramics


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