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London’s Best Markets to Visit This Summer

By Lucy Connors

With summer in the air, London is coming alive – blossom and magnolia line the streets, people fill the pavements outside pubs, and its many gorgeous parks are booming. As are its markets. There is a special kind of magic to be found in a weekend stroll around some of London’s markets – we’ve found it to be a particularly effective hangover cure too. Markets span across the city, and a huge range of vibes – eclectic antique bazaars, wholesome flower stalls, and seriously decadent food halls. These are the best markets to visit in London this summer.


For Antiques: Portobello Road Market

Portobello Road Market

Situated in picturesque Notting Hill, Portobello Road is London’s largest antique market. Surrounded by pastel-painted town houses, with a pub on every corner for when you’re done browsing, this is our favourite Saturday spot. While the indoor market remains open on Sunday, the market that takes over Portobello Road operates every day, so to get the full experience, we recommend you start your weekend here. From antique books and jewellery to independent makers offering hand-crafted pieces, the eclectic collections of Portobello Road are a must-view, and the vibes are guaranteed to be fantastic.


For Food: Borough Market

Borough Market

A foodie’s paradise, this is one of the most famous markets in London – and rightly so as it’s been operating in some form since the eleventh century. The market is open Tuesday through Sunday, and its main emphasis is on high-quality food, sourced sustainably. The street-food selection is unmatched anywhere else, crossing borders and cultures, while the offerings from its artisan bakers and pâtissiers are irresistible, and the sight of the fresh and local produce will entice out your inner chef. Unsurprisingly, it gets busy here, so we’d advise arriving here early if you don’t want to queue. You can find our round up of the best stalls to visit in Borough Market here.


For Flowers: Columbia Road

Columbia Road Market


Every Sunday, Columbia Road fills up with flowers; the street overflows with their colour and scents, and nothing else will quite make you feel like spring has arrived like a visit to this East London gem. Whether you’re on the lookout for blooms, houseplants, or bulbs, market traders offer everything under the (botanical) sun and are famous for their quality.


For Everything: Camden Market

Camden Market

This sprawling collection of markets could occupy you for days. Technically covering Camden Lock Market, Inverness Street Market, and Stables Market, the umbrella’d Camden Market has a lot on offer. Typically, Camden Lock is home to crafts and curios, while Inverness Street Market covers the street food, and Stables Market is home to the vintage and retro stalls. There is truly something for everyone to explore here, and every bit of it is worth it. The intertwining passages can make it a bit of a maze, but half of the fun is just seeing where you end up this time.


For Unpredictability: Brick Lane Market

Brick Lane Market

Brick Lane Market is without a niche – ever changing, constantly shifting, and very exciting every time you visit because of this. Home to up-and-coming artists and creatives putting their pieces on offer, stalls full of vintage records and typewriters, an endless variety of jewellery and homeware, and culinary delights from around the world, Brick Lane Market is simply an Aladdin’s Cave waiting to be explored.


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