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MKI MIYUKI ZOKU, showing the future of fashion?

MKI MIYUKI ZOKU is a brand that prides itself on its multifaceted approach towards fashion for both men and women. The Leeds based brand combines street wear with high fashion, which has allowed MKI to create clothing that is both aesthetically pleasing whilst maintaining an experimental nature.

MKI Article Hoody £60

MKI is a brand that is growing and is only going to continue to expand. Its commitment to quality is obvious, and its focus on maintaining modest prices for its clothing is something that sets it apart from many upcoming fashion brands. All of its pieces are versatile, which is part of the ethos of MKI, in that there is a focus on clothing that is adaptable and can be worn with a range of different styles.

MKI Wide Leg Trousers £75 MKI Bubble Jacket £150

The clothing comes out in various collections, and is readily available on their website. Their clothing is available in shops too, with their flagship store being located in Leeds, within the Corn Exchange, and MKI is also sold in Selfridges, Harvey Nicholls and END.

MKI Tech Wide Leg £105

Their influence within the fashion world is clear to see and MKI is a brand to keep an eye on, as their clothing is eye catching and sleek with their classic MKI fleece being a very recognisable piece. Find the link for their website below, and be sure to give them a follow on Instagram to keep up to date with their latest collections

MKI Sherpa Zip £65 MKI Crinkle Nylon Track Pants £70


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