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Our Pocket-Sized Guide to Exploring Notting Hill

By Lucy Connors

Notting Hill earned its place in many of our hearts through Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts in the 1999 classic. The district was painted as romantic, charming, and exciting, and that couldn’t be truer. Here is a bite-sized guide to Notting Hill.

Secret Sandwich

Secret Sandwich Notting Hill

Photo: The Infatuation

As one might assume from its name, this sandwich shop is hidden above The Globe nightclub, and very worth hunting for. They specialise in Japanese Wapanku sandwiches made with pillowy shokupan bread that are almost too beautiful to eat, but absolutely live up to their looks. This is an if-you-know spot, and we’re letting you in on one of our favourite secrets.

Electric Cinema

Electric Cinema Notting Hill

Photo: George Smith

The Electric is one of London’s oldest and most romantic cinemas. Restored and owned by the Soho House group, the interior is luxurious and cosy, with armchairs, cashmere blankets, and if you want the front row – velvet lined double beds. Situated on the Portobello Road, this is not only the perfect place to watch a movie, but you will also undoubtedly leave feeling like you’ve just stepped out of one.

Portobello Road Market

Portobello Road Market

The half-mile long antiques market is vibrant, eclectic and bustling, nestled in between Notting Hill’s gorgeous colourful terraced houses. Whether you’re a foodie looking to enjoy the flavours of London from street food vendors that pop up on Fridays and Saturdays, or looking for hidden gems within the books and jewellery, the options are endless, and it’s the perfect place to spend an afternoon.

Buns from Home

Buns from Home Bakery London

This takeaway-only bakery is a sell-out spot. Their focaccia bread is mouth-wateringly spectacular, and that’s not even their specialty. Their unique croissant buns are handmade daily and come in revolving sweet and savoury flavours: from classic cinnamon rolls all the way to their croque monsieur bun. This exquisite venture started as a lockdown project – and one of these buns is something good for all of us that came from those days at home. You can find more about our favourite bakeries in London here!

Sunday in Brooklyn

Sunday in Brooklyn London

Photo: Sunday in Brooklyn Instagram

This modern American brunch spot is a must-visit, and a must-book unless you want to be queueing outside. But if you do queue, it is certainly worth the wait. This New York cult favourite has made its way across the pond and gained a new following. You will be lured in by their legendarily thick and fluffy pancake stack, but anything on the menu is worth sampling, especially their cocktails.

The Notting Hill Bookshop

The Notting Hill Bookshop

While there is a store-front homage to the Notting Hill Bookshop from the film directly on the Portobello Road, the real bookshop is tucked just around the corner on Blenheim Crescent. No longer just a travel bookshop, the quaint and cosy shop is the perfect place to have a quiet afternoon peruse and browse their special gift editions and unique copies of your favourite books.


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