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Prawn on the Lawn, the No.1 Seafood Restaurant.

Tucked away in the backstreets of Padstow, the quaint fishing village in North Cornwall, lies one of the most exciting and innovative seafood restaurants in the UK, ‘Prawn on the Lawn’. Whilst not the only Prawn on the Lawn, as the original is located in Islington, London, Padstow has the fabled restaurant that is at the top of the seafood game.

At first glance at the window, it would be reasonable to believe that Prawn on the Lawn is a fishmonger, which is understandable as the window display contains a huge array of fish freshly caught from the local Cornish waters. The restaurant, however, has the uncommon accolade of being both a licenced fishmonger as well as an eatery and this is a factor that adds to both the experience and character of Prawn on the Lawn. Eating here is a one of a kind and the menu is full of tapas-like dishes, in order for the customer to have a complete variety of the food available.

The real attraction that gives POTL its individuality and sets it apart from the crowd is how the fishmonger display is actually for the customer to go and choose their own specific fish to be included in the dishes they order. This gives a personal touch to the food that is served demonstrating the commitment to quality that Prawn on the Lawn strive to deliver. It is this commitment to quality that earned the Padstow eatery a spot to be included in the UK Times Top 100 restaurants in the UK in 2017 and the best UK seafood restaurant 2019!

The menu is constantly changing and evolving, and varies on a daily basis depending on the fish that has been caught with there being one certainty, the ingredients used will be the freshest and of the highest quality. Options on the menu vary from small plates, which include the likes of seared tuna with soy, mirin, spring onion & chilli, to platters such as the Prawn on the Lawn Fruits de Mer consisting of crab, mussels, cockles, clams, crevettes, langoustines, oysters and scallops. The interior matches the classy atmosphere with clean white tiling and dark moody lighting, not to mention the huge display of fresh fish on entry to Prawn on the Lawn.

Whether it is a trip to Padstow, or the Islington restaurant, a meal at Prawn on the Lawn will be an unforgettable experience for the amazing, inventive flavours of the dishes, the attention to detail, the chic and elegant surroundings and most importantly the excellent service of the staff. Prawn on the Lawn is a one of a kind and has shown why it is the best in seafood cooking.

All photo taken from the 'Prawn on the Lawn' website or instagram.

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