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Sancho's, a welcome change

Sancho men’s clothing store based in Exeter is a brand you should definitely keep an eye on.

Producing quality pieces of clothing that mainly combine a surf and smart image, Sancho’s really have found a niche and it certainly shows.

There is a wide range of different garments, with twists on classics such as cargo pants combined with jeans and knitwear that is made in different cuts with oversized and more fitted pieces. It seems at Sancho’s there is a really focus on keeping to traditional pieces of clothing but subtly intertwining them with different fashion trends that shows in their high quality clothes.

However what really sets apart Sancho’s from other start up fashion brands and the main retailers too, is that there is a real push on making their clothing as ethically sourced and produced as possible with an emphasis on ending worker exploitation in places such as Bangladesh and India. This is a really important message to pursue and one that Sancho’s should be proud of as it is a very serious issue in not just the clothing industry but in outsourced labour in any industry.

Without doubt, watch this space for Sancho’s! Link below.



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