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Fusing Hyperpop with Punk: Genre Bending Musician Sharifa Unveils New Track "Someone"

A friend of The Guide, and a talent whose musical prowess and clout is rapidly accelerating, Sharifa released his most recent single “Someone” on 23rd February, and it is a track that has not left our playlists.

Sharifa Musician


Photo: Peter O'Sullivan

After a slight realignment in his musical identity, that has been formulated over the past few months, Someone takes on a new sound, where hyperpop fuses seamlessly with punk, in what is a genre bending track. Exploring the emotions of feeling lost and desiring acceptance, the new single highlights the importance of genuine connection and the hurt caused by disingenuous relationships.


Speaking on the day of the release, the dynamic young artist cited that, “the track also touches on the idea of self-discovery and growth as I come to realize that fitting myself into societal expectations or someone else's idea might not lead to genuine happiness or fulfillment.”


Sharifa Musician

The introduction of Someone into his discography signals yet another milestone to his accolades, having already garnered attention at BBC Radio London and performing at The Great Escape last year, as well as a recent sold-out show at KOKO. His live shows ensure an embracing atmosphere that simultaneously feels familiar. Driven by his aspiration to ensure a safe space for creative expression, Sharifa is heavily involved in community engagement. This has involved a recent collaboration with Samsung UK, in which he utilised the music community to host performances and workshops.


Sharifa is a truly dynamic force, so make sure to watch this space as we continue to follow his development.


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