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Soulland, the fashion brand you should know about

Nordic Fashion has long been recognised for its contemporary looks and forward thinking. The success of brands such as Acne Studios demonstrates this and without doubt Soulland is the brand looking to become one of the giants in the Nordic Fashion industry. Founded in the cosmopolitan city of Copenhagen in 2002, Soulland has already managed to establish itself and become an influence on the fashion world in its own right.

However for many, Soulland is not a household name in fashion but that is likely to change very soon. After managing to secure outlets in stores such as Harvey Nichols and Bloomingdales, Soulland is certainly going global.

A brand that aims to keep their aesthetics and design principles from the idea of artisanship, Soulland’s potential and quality is obvious to see. With both men and women’s clothing, Soulland aims to be a company keeping in touch with the times, as there is a commitment to sustainability with sourcing limited to within Europe and use of sustainable materials.

When it comes to design, Soulland wants quality. Creative director Silas Adler, strives for producing garments that are at the forefront of fashion whilst combining timeless twists, as a way to honour the icons of style that have gone before. Ranging from experimental t-shirts, to classic fitting trousers with a contemporary influence, Soulland is at the cutting edge of fashion.

So without doubt, be sure to look out for the growing following for this Nordic brand, that is following in the footsteps of some of the fashion giants that have gone before.

Photos from Soulland's website:


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