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Tallinn, a winter wonderland

If you are looking for a break away from the normal, mundane Christmas markets and grey gloomy weather of England at Christmastime then look no further than the magical city of Tallinn.

The snowy, quaint city on the edge of the Baltic is a gem for Christmas and is full of history, culture and most importantly snow!

A recommendation for hotels is without doubt the Three Sisters Hotel in the Old Town. This is a must with its cosy rooms that are decorated in a combination of Nordic interior and art deco. This will make your stay just that extra bit more special.

So here are five things to do whilst in Tallinn, to make a Christmas trip here one to remember:

1) Visit the Christmas Market

The main Christmas market in Tallinn is amazing. A place that has not been exploited for tourists, it retains its traditional aspects with local products and handmade garments. With stalls selling Estonian delicacies and Vin Chaud, with the snow falling silently all around makes this a special experience that will keep making you want to go back.

2) Walk around the Old Town

The Old Town is full of history with many different cultural influences. This shows in the spectacular architecture of the Russian Orthodox Churches and the ancient castle walls. There are various back streets that have many small local businesses selling handmade clothing. If shopping is not your thing, then the backstreets contain wine bars and taverns that offer respite from the snow whilst serving local wines and beers.

3) Eat at the Garlic Restaurant-Balthasar

The restaurant called Balthasar, opened in 1999, is Tallinn’s first garlic restaurant and do not let the idea of garlic smelling breath put you off. The food here is outstanding; with its garlic infused dishes the bold flavours that come through are a culinary experience. A must visit and try the Duck Breast!

4) Watch the Nutcracker Ballet

Tchaikovsky’s masterpiece is a Christmas classic, in its own rights, however to watch it in Tallinn with the Christmassy weather increases its attraction further. Watch it in the intricately decorated Estonian National Opera house and it will be an unforgettable night.

5) Visit the Kadriorg Palace and Gallery

The Kadriorg Palace, built by Peter the Great, is another of Tallinn’s architectural sights and its houses the impressive gallery. Walk around the gallery at a leisurely pace, or wander around the vast grounds-your very own winter wonderland!


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