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The Up & Coming Beauty TikTokers Helping To Make Makeup Accessible   

By Charlie Elizabeth Culverhouse


TikTok is a dreamscape for the beauty enthusiast and there is a plethora of up & coming Tiktokers reinventing this space. Whether you’re just getting into the makeup scene, are looking to up your aesthetic game, or want to try out a new look for an upcoming event, there’s a video for every need you can think of.   


Introducing The Up & Coming Beauty TikTokers

Searches for #makeup on TikTok have garnered a whopping 580.9 billion views, with everything from Frankenstein cosplays to eyeliner hacks littering the homepage. But while we love the rampant online rabbit holes ready and waiting for us to fall into, and who doesn’t need a bit of distraction in the form of doom scrolling now and again, when you know what you want, it can be overwhelming and often hard to single out exactly what you’re looking for in TikTok’s endless ether.   


So to save time when you’re watching the clock countdown to ‘going out o’clock’, we’ve rounded up six of our favourite up-and-coming beauty creators who are always on hand to help you amp up your glam, sharing the exact style of video they make so you can find your next obsession.   


Up and coming beauty tiktokers

For Vintage Glamour:


Evelyn Lewis, a gender-fluid, Chicago based, artist began creating makeup content on TikTok back in 2020 and has drawn myriad fans to their platform with their unique, vintage-inspired glam looks. With the iconic downturned eyebrows of the 1920s being a staple of their looks, every tutorial they create mixes the makeup trends of old with fantasy, bold colour and modern technique to create something never seen before.   


Often taking inspiration from classic artworks, including Claude Monet’s Sunsets and anything by the painter Hilma Af Klint, the results boast breathtakingly intricate eyeshadow works that, if not entirely easy to recreate, at least offer alternate inspiration for followers to build off of.   


For Trusty Product Reviews:


Flavia Jacintho knows her stuff. If you’re planning on investing in any trending product, whether it’s a bargain drugstore highlighter or an envy-inducing high-end mascara, she’s likely already reviewed it and will let you know exactly what she thinks.   


As well as giving you her first reaction to a product, showing off the shade range and giving her thoughts on a new release, she also shows you exactly how to use each item, highlighting the best technique to get the look you want.   


Up and coming beauty tiktokers

For In-depth, Accessible Looks:


Self-described, and not unfoundedly so, beauty connoisseur Bronte-Marie is on a mission to make mainstream beauty trends accessible to those not often included in them. Through trying out and breaking down trending looks seen on and promoted by clear-skinned, symmetrical and traditionally ‘flawless’ faces, she encourages followers to recreate the styles they feel drawn to and adapt them to better fit their features.   


By sharing makeup tips picked up during her time as a qualified make-up artist, breaking down makeup looks, theories and formulas to better align products with skin types and needs, and wholeheartedly championing a different type of beauty, Bronte-Marie has cemented herself as the creator for anyone who feels excluded by traditional beauty standards.   


For Effortlessly Cool Eyeshadow:


Christopher Grave’s TikTok may not exclusively feature makeup-related content, but those videos they do post around the topic are candid and brilliantly executed. The short-form videos are great for those who don’t want to be bogged down with in-depth explanations of technique as Christopher speeds through their looks at pace, sharing the products they’re using and including only short clips outlining the brief way to recreate the look.   


Creating stunning, yet surprisingly easy-to-recreate, eyeshadow looks, often using only one or two shadow shades and very simple blending techniques, Christopher’s makeup style is the perfect go-to for anyone who wants to add a whole tonne of glam to their look with little-to-no effort at all.   


Up and coming beauty tiktokers

For Everyday Inspiration:


If you’re looking to up your everyday makeup game or prefer a more pared-back going-out look, Reesha Loves has the tips and tricks you need. Her account boasts GRWM videos and tutorials of stunning glam looks, with a focus on flawless base makeup and nailing the basics of foundation, blush, bronzer and eyebrow shaping, rather than on intricate eyeshadow compositions or fad trends.   


If you’re a fan of 90s makeup, the latte makeup trend or simply prefer a more subtly glamorous look, she is without a doubt the woman to turn to. In addition to her tutorials, you can find product reviews and roundups, as well as useful hacks and insight to make getting ready that little bit easier.   


For Binge-Worthy Tutorials:


Whether you want to learn how to nail graphic eyeliner or want to know which new liquid blush product is the perfect shade for your skin tone, LX Dumb Makeup has your back. Posting product reviews, in-depth tutorials and quick-fire GRWM (Get Ready With Me) montages, you’ll find yourself happily scrolling from video to video and lapping up the content LX posts.   


On top of the flawless looks she creates, LX is incredibly active in her comment section, answering questions about products and techniques that haven’t been covered in the video itself. Get inspired, learn something, and look fabulous - LX Dumb Makeup offers it all.   


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