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On the hunt for the UK's best pizzas

Who doesn’t love pizza? There can be no disagreement over the popularity of pizza, a home comfort dish the world over, but to indulge in a carefully crafted Italian pizza is an experience in itself. That being said, there are pizza restaurants and then there are pizza restaurants. Whilst we are under no illusion that nothing quite compares to eating pizza in its homeland Italy, you can still find some phenomenal pizzerias across the UK offering some of the most authentic wood-fired pizzas. If you don’t find yourself jetting off to Italy soon, then it may be time to experience some of the best pizzerias right under your nose, here in the UK.

The Flat Exeter

Bringing a vegetarian and vegan approach to pizza, The Flat based in Exeter established by Pietro Chiereghin and Chloe Whipple has an excellent reputation. Their ‘planet friendly’ approach to pizza is certainly not detrimental to the pizzas they create, as the dishes are bursting with natural flavours, and include some homemade ingredients such as vegan parmesan. With a range of bestsellers, we would recommend the olive, pepper, spinach and mixed nuts pizza.

Pi Dublin

Pi is said to serve the best and most authentic pizza in the Irish capital. With their pizza dough being specially made with ‘00’ flour, imported specifically from Naples, and left to ferment for a 72-hour period, the attention to detail Pi demonstrate shows why they are the best in Dublin. Owners John Savage and Reggie White have got a winning formula at Pi that utilises local Irish artisanal producers for both meat and cheeses, allowing them to put an Irish twist on traditional Neapolitan pizza.

Dough and Brew Warwick

Dough and Brew is widely cited as the best pizzeria in the UK, and for that reason alone it had to be included in this list. But what makes Dough and Brew different? With sourdough bases, the Neapolitan pizzas served at Dough and Brew have a real range of toppings which include pulled beef and mac n’ cheese. There is an extensive selection of artisan beers, which complement the pizzas perfectly. Owner John Martin has managed to balance a friendly restaurant that produces some of the best pizza found in the UK.

Sodo Pizza Bethnal Green

Based in the East of London, Sodo Pizza incorporates sourdough pizzas with craft beers and natural wines. The focus lies heavily on the use of seasonal produce, which keeps the menu constantly changing. Similar to The Flat, Sodo Pizza incorporate a sustainable approach in their cooking. The names of the pizzas are a particular highlight, such as the ‘John Bon Chovy’ pizza. A true Italian pizzeria, right in the heart of the capital.

Paesano Pizza Glasgow

Paesano was a one of a kind in Glasgow. It was the first restaurant in the city to bring Neapolitan pizza to Glasgow. Adding to the authenticity is the wood-fired ovens that were constructed in Naples and imported specifically for Paesano. The menu at Paesano is wide ranging and incorporates true Italian flavours, with their fresh Tuscan fennel, sausage with sugo and mozzarella pizza being our recommendation.


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