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The Unisex Clothing Essentials this Autumn

Words: Charlie Lake

Unisex clothing is becoming more and more common in the world of fashion. Since the advent of hoodies and oversized items, the blurring of the lines between men and women’s fashion has become a staple in styling. Each wardrobe should have a base of essentials, that can serve as the canvas for any outfit and so Charlie Lake has put together a carefully curated list of the best unisex essentials that everyone should have this Autumn.

Yeezy Gap Double Layer Hoodie

As part of a 10-year partnership between Gap and Yeezy, ‘The Perfect Hoodie’ as it was dubbed was released in a plethora of colourways: an all-black colourway, a royal blue, a red, purple, brown and ochre. For the fair price point of $90, the hoodie is double layered, meaning it consists of the same amount of material as two hoodies and so is the ideal overlayer going into the bitter autumn and winter months.

Each piece is made of 100% double layer cotton, unlike most regular and designer hoodies, most of which are somewhat artificially produced using polyester. In lieu of any drawstrings for the hood or any graphics on the fabric, the hoodie boasts an oversized, boxy fit with drop shoulders and a large pocket sewn onto the front.

A largely sustainable and built-to-last product, the Yeezy-Gap ‘Perfect Hoodie’ really is exactly that. Never has the phrase ‘Less is More’ been more applicable to an item of clothing! This is a must have for every wardrobe.

Aime Leon D’Ore x New Balance 550

Our recommended footwear takes the form of New Balances retro-inspired 550 model, in collaboration with designer Aime Leon D’ore. The low top of the sneaker allows for a more comfortable feel and makes the shoe far more breathable, something that becomes especially important if worn during the spring and summer months. The cohesive and subtle colourway of this 550 makes it easy to style, as demonstrated by the celebrities who have donned them, such as Hailey Bieber and her popstar counterpart, Justin. They would go best with earth tones, whether that be a light khaki, stone, beige, ochre or even with cream and pastel colours.

Whilst these sneakers were released for the modest price of £120, their limited quantity and celebrity endorsements (plus not to mention their versatility) has meant that they are reselling for upwards of £200 now on the secondary market.

Nevertheless, the shoe is certainly, in our eyes, a worthy investment and is bound to attract compliments.

Olive Workwear Pants in Ivory/Black

These trousers from Olive feature a classic double-knee, as seen on the Carhartt WIP carpenter pants, but just for a far cheaper price. Whilst also being composed of 100% cotton, these trousers are made to withstand wear, like most workwear styled pieces are. They come in a wide fit, but not quite baggy, allowing for an ideal balance between fitted and loose fitting.

These retail for £79 and for inevitable longevity, not only in terms of durability but also in style and staying ‘on-trend’, you certainly get more than your money’s worth.

Red Prestige ‘Grail’ Sunglasses

If you’re looking for a sharper look, perhaps consider Red Prestige’s Grail Sunglasses in Marble Grey and Black. Taking inspiration from the Louis Vuitton ‘Millionaire Sunglasses’ designed by Marc Jacobs and later reimagined by Virgil Abloh for Off-White, these come in at only a fraction of the price (£89).

The sunglasses sport a solid, bold, statement frame, with reflective lenses and an ‘avant-garde’ shape.

If quality is what you valued in your clothing and accessories, these will certainly deliver, offering solid 7-barrel hinges to avoid breakages and are made of quality made acetate material. To top this off, the lettering and the framework is gold-plated, thus promoting a premium feel and look.

Rains Tote Bag

This stylish tote bag from the Denmark-based raingear company comes in a sleek all-black colourway, with a clean matte finish. It is constructed primarily of waterproof fabrics, making it the ideal bag, come rain or shine. The tote features one large main compartment on the inside, with a practical small side pocket.

Another feature that sets this particular tote apart from the abundance of other more basic, cotton totes on the market is that it has a reliable zip to enclose your items. Another perk of having this item is that it has an attachable cross-body strap.

Rains is a company that prides itself on simultaneously honouring and challenging peoples’ traditional perceptions on rainwear, and this product is no exception. Whilst maintaining the same aesthetic as ordinary rainwear, it manifests itself in a contemporary design, the tote bag.

For the very reasonable price of £55, this all-weather bag delivers on quality and utility.


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