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The Guide

The Guide's printed editions are a reflection of its creative direction. Covering all the main topic areas of travel, food & drink, lifestyle, music, fashion and conversation, each publication is filled with original content that strives to recommend to its readers the most innovative, novel and upcoming talent and brands from across the lifestyle industry.


Bi-annually printed, and every edition unlocks new potential for the way in which magazines are used and consumed. Our printed editions are different, stylish, informative and most importantly enjoyable, and will certainly leave you with a wealth of ideas and recommendations that are unique and original. 

MK.GEE Musician
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Our recently renamed "Lifestyle Compendium Vol. 1" builds on the creative developments of previous issues and the 136-page anthology of the best emerging creatives and places showcases them in all their glory. 


In this edition we talk to critically acclaimed film director Henry Blake; sit down in conversation with award winning fashion designer Jemima Crane; undertake a mammoth road-trip across the South-East USA; dine out at the place to eat steak – Hawksmoor; re-discover the jaw-dropping North Atlantic Cornish coast; champion the advent of the Indian Gastropub; take a deep dive into the brilliance of musician Mk.Gee; uncover the flamboyance and vibrance of AGR Knit.


However, that is just scratching the surface of all the content inside. With over 30 different stories, articles and anecdotes, there is an abundance of insight and knowledge into the ever-fluctuating lifestyle world.

In addition, for this volume, we have partnered with the brilliant charity BAGS FOR STRIFE. The charity provides vital support, advice, and help to those that have received the earth-shattering news of losing a loved one to suicide. 


To help them in their continued growth, for every compendium sold, we will donate a portion of the profits to BAGS FOR STRIFE. 

This edition is sold-out.


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