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Introducing Vol. 2 of the Lifestyle Compendium with Cover Star Hannah Bond.


Having firmly established herself at one of Savile Row's most historic tailors, Norton & Sons, Hannah is flourishing within this prestigious enclave, crafting exquisite sartorial masterpieces. As a torchbearer for the new generation of artisans on the world's most renowned street for suiting and tailoring, she is helping to redefine contemporary bespoke fashion with her exceptional talent and vision.


The 10-page feature gave us a captivating glimpse into Hannah's creative process, her diverse projects, and her impressive career journey thus far. Her dedication to her craft and her innovative approach to tailoring were evident in every stitch and seam. Additionally, we were treated to an exclusive preview of some ground-breaking work that Hannah has spearheaded at the esteemed Savile Row atelier, which is showcased in this edition.


This, however is just one of the many stories in this 200 page anthology.


Curating this edition has taken us on a global odyssey. From intimate conversations with culinary luminary Chef Gaushan De Silva on the pristine beaches of the Maldives to exploring British Columbia's depths and relaxing on Santorini's volcanic shores, we've documented, discussed, photographed, and collaborated with phenomenal talents.


We've traversed the rugged Cornish coastline to speak with gastronomic visionary Chef Will Bee and we have spent time with musical prodigy Sharifa. We've chronicled the exquisite craftsmanship of Vacheron Constantin, gaining insights from the Maison’s Style and Heritage Director, Christian Selmoni.


This is just the beginning; this edition brims with over 200 pages of stories, anecdotes, and interviews spanning food & drink, travel, fashion, music, and more.


It is a show stopping coffee table bookazine; a timeless publication for the culturally curious.


Get yours today.

Hannah Bond Cover: A Lifestyle Compendium Vol. 2

Expected shipping date is 19th July.

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