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Fashionable Sub-Culture, Aesthetics and Skating

Wanting to touch up your style and fashion before Christmas or even 2021? Then we have put together a list of the 5 brands that we could not recommend enough. From the grungy street style of Fucking Awesome to the aesthetics of Jil Sander, there is a range of brands that touch on all tastes and styles. From the upcoming to the well-founded we have considered the brands that will add expression and individuality to any outfit.

Fucking Awesome

The skate infused street style brand has always had a presence in the fashion world. With a thorough range of clothing from hoodies and t-shirts to trousers of all styles and their own decks for skateboards, the California based company mixes clever designs with contemporary artwork and styling. With their most recent collection featuring the ‘Hockey’ line, the brand is going from strength to strength and 2021 promises to be a great year for the company.

Brain Dead

The creative concept of Brain Dead is an artistic dream and explains the brilliant designs of their products. With the focus of Brain Dead’s work coming from a collection of artists and designers, the inspiration for much of their clothing is multi-faceted. From comics, skating and post punk, the clothing is intertwined with a variety of influences that all originate from the idea of sub-culture. Their latest collection is driven by graphic design, with bright colour schemes being at the forefront and demonstrates the art of the sub-culture proponents behind Brain Dead.

Affix Works

A utility-based label, the clothing focuses more on utilitarian items, whilst integrating the brands connection with music and design. Classic utility pieces such as cargo pants that are influenced with contemporary traces are staples, whilst their most recent collaboration with Asics allowed the company to explore the notion of utility wear combined with sportswear. The concept of utility wear being converted into fashionable items has become increasingly common, Affix Works sets itself apart by the unique twists that it ensures every garment has and this translates into an exclusive look that will be sure to add an original element to any outfit.

Dolly Mix

UK based Dolly Mix Studios has had a serious rise in the last few years. With their iconic Dolly figure as the staple of many of the graphic designs on their clothing, the popularity of the brand has gone from strength to strength. The sweatpants have been a huge hit and are usually always sold out. Make sure to stay up to date to get your order in early. With a growing portfolio of clothing, Dolly Mix Studios is going to be one to keep an eye on as it rises to the top.

Jil Sander

The brainchild of German designer Heidemarie Jiline Sander, the minimalist designs are an aesthetic dream. With a blend of neutrals and modern touches on timeless style. The Winter 2020 collection had a focus on using contrasting colours of whites and dark greys/blacks in a variety of knitwear products and elegant tailored options. A world-renowned brand, Jil Sander never ceases to stop producing some of the finest clothing that have become synonymous with style.


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