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EDWIN Clothing, a new frontier in fashion

When you think of centres of fashion, locations such as Paris, Milan, New York and London spring to mind. However in recent years, Japan has entered high-end fashion, with a vision to change the common view of fashion being a predominantly European monopoly. One of the main companies that is looking to lead the way in this change is EDWIN, a fashion brand that is producing high quality, contemporary garments with individual twists that makes their clothing unique.

Whilst being founded in 1947, EDWIN has exploded onto the European market in the last couple of years with their wide range of experimental and utility clothing that combines street style with traditional high fashion. All of their clothing is made from the best quality materials, and this is best shown by their extensive denim products.

Japanese denim is a relatively new phenomenon, as compared with its American counterparts, however its reputation is second to none, with denim lovers citing it as the best on the market according to HIGHSNOBIETY. EDWIN is leading the charge with the denim market, with its wide range of excellent quality jeans and jackets, combining both conventional and experimental cuts.

Their range of clothing includes all classic items, with sweatshirts, t-shirts and knitwear plus much more. Furthermore, EDWIN recently released their collaboration range with LALA & ACE, which has increased their credibility amongst the fashion giants. Without doubt EDWIN is a fashion brand and label that you should look out for; with artistic and contemporary designs, it is a company that is only going to get bigger and make waves in the European fashion monopoly.

All photos of clothing and store taken from EDWIN Europe and London website.

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