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Secrets of Kingly Court, Soho

London is a culinary capital, and with thousands of mouth-watering restaurants it can be difficult to choose. That is why Kingly Court, located in Carnaby Street is the ideal place to satisfy your hunger. The famous three-storey courtyard is home to a wealth of restaurants, bars and casual eateries with a wide range of international cuisine.

The building has three floors with an open courtyard, in which the tables of the eateries spill out into and the alfresco atmosphere adds to the already vibrant food hub. In the summer months the roof is covered by light awnings, whilst in the winter the roof is fully covered meaning that Kingly Court is open for business all year round and the popularity of the place makes for bustling centre of food lovers and socialites.

With 21 individual concept restaurants, bars and cafes, there is something for everyone’s taste. Mexican, Greek, Peruvian, Italian and Japanese are just some of the cuisine available at Kingly Court, alongside a 1940s style bar, beer houses and a chai latte cafe, but this is only scratching the surface. Whyte & Brown offers a wide variety of dishes with their speciality being free-range chicken, and the chicken burger with truffle and parmesan fries make for an indulgent lunch. Senor Ceviche specialises in Peruvian food, with their playful approach being a major attraction, and this helps create the electric feeling that runs through Kingly Court.

For something with Asian influence, then Shoryu is the place. With a minimalist method to their interiors and dishes, Shoryu creates delicious Hakata tonkotsu ramen and adds their own individual touch to each dish. Acai Berry blends up tasty juices and smoothies that can be enjoyed in the urban oasis or whilst on your daily commute, the choice is yours. Those wanting to experience perfectly mixed cocktails and a place to enjoy the metropolitan nightlife, Disrepute is a stomping ground for individuals that relish the luxury that London has to offer.

Kingly Court whilst bustling with life, is often overlooked by the casual visitor to Soho and London is general. However, in terms of food and drink, Kingly Court should not be missed. It has dishes and drinks from the world over to try, and this is accompanied with an unrivalled location and setting, alongside the lively atmosphere, which makes Kingly Court a brilliant attraction for anyone.

Photos: Carnaby Street Website


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