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The Hidden Hut, the culinary hotspot to visit this summer

Nestled away behind Porthcurnick Beach, on the south coast of Cornwall, lies a wooden shed. But this is no ordinary wooden shed; this small building hidden away on the coastal path is one of the UK’s culinary hotspots. The Hidden Hut, as it is aptly named, has transformed itself from an ordinary café for avid walkers and beach-goers, into a high-end eatery that is leading the way in street food.

The Lobster Feast Night

Equipped with just an outdoor stove and a bakery oven, the food that the Hidden Hut creates is nothing short of amazing. A menu that is orientated around simplicity and fresh produce, the dishes change on a daily basis and are made up from the ingredients available on each individual day. The options for dishes consist of meals from the stove, which include chowders, stews, soups and spiced dhals.

Coconut chickpea dhal with mint raita, sweet marinated onion and toasted almonds

The summer grill serves up a variety of fish and meat including freshly caught mackerel and beef from the headland herd alongside summer salads with produce freshly picked from their own allotment. The food is bursting with flavour and it is easy to see why the Hidden Hut is held in high esteem. The variety of dishes is second to none, and the link that the Hidden Hut maintains to local farmers and fisherman demonstrates their sustainable approach to cooking, which is such an important factor in today’s society.

The Sirloin Steak Feast Night

Meals are available at lunchtime, all of which can be eaten in the al fresco seating around the hut, or are available to be packed up to take down to the beach with you, perfect for long summer day lunches. However, if you want a special evening in the balmy Cornish climes, then the Hidden Hut has the ideal solution. Two or three times a month, from May till September, the Hidden Hut puts on a ‘Feast Night’, which are so popular, tickets have to be bought in advance.

The Hidden Hut's view over Porthcurnick Beach

The feast nights consist of one dish, which in the past have included Lobster and Saffron Paella, Rotisserie Duck and Percuil Pork Belly. The feast nights focus on hearty, quality, locally sourced ingredients that create outstanding dishes. Furthermore, bringing the right clothing is essential, as the feast nights will go head regardless of the weather!

Fresh Grilled Lobster with Lemon

The feast nights also focus on the idea of community, as you have to bring your own cutlery and drinks, which adds the novelty of the night, all whilst having the chance to meet new people. Be sure to look out for tickets as they sell out in minutes. These special nights in the height of summer are an amazing chance to try excellent street food cooking, all whist being on the scenic Cornish coastline.

Assortment of Dhals, Soups and Stews

As summer is slowly approaching, make sure to plan a trip to the Hidden Hut, as it will be an unforgettable experience.

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