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Yauatcha, Asian Fusion done differently

Located on Broadwick Street in Soho, London lies one of the most exciting Asian Fusion restaurants around. Yauatcha is an Asian restaurant that is experimental and innovative. With restaurants in the City, India, US and Saudi Arabia it is already of global standing and its reputation is only going to grow. The Soho restaurant provides a culinary experience rather than just fine dining.

From Yauatcha Instagram
Trio of Steamed Dim Sum

On entering Yauatcha Soho, the first impression is that the restaurant has contemporary feel to it with tones of blue running throughout the building creating an intimate atmosphere. The interior embraces modern Asian design, which allows for a moody ambience.

Yauatcha Soho Interior

Adjacent to the entrance is its very own patisserie that has a plethora of different desserts that can be ordered there or taken away and these include macaroons and hand made chocolates. The patisserie is made more impressive by the rainbow of different colours of the desserts and pastries. The whole interior is cleverly designed to give Yauatcha a specific aesthetic that makes it so individual.

Selection of Handmade Macroons

Without doubt the interior design of Yauatcha is impressive, but this is only just part of the experience. Yauatcha has an extensive cocktail menu that really whets the appetite and these consist of twists on classics to their very own creations. The Sencha Negroni is a must try for those that prefer a bittersweet taste. For those that prefer a sweeter flavour, the Lalu is an excellent choice.

Lemonberry Martini

Yauatcha has found a way to showcase its brilliant dishes through outstanding presentation. The numerous dishes available on the menu are bursting with flavour, and the way they are served is both artistic and elegant. Dishes that are a must try are the Venison Puffs, the Scallop Shui Mai and the Truffle Pork Belly rib, but these are to just name a few. There is also a seasonal menu and a lunch menu, thus showing the versatility of Yauatcha’s kitchen.

Venison Puffs

Whatever the occasion, a trip to Yauatcha in Soho, or the City, is a full culinary experience that pulls together atmosphere, art, presentation and most importantly flavour in a way that other restaurants struggle to achieve.

Chinese New Year Selection Menu

All photos taken from Yauatcha's Instagram:

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