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Prepare for Summer: The Best European Beach Locations for 2024

By Lucy Connors

I can’t speak for everyone, but I can speak for London when I say that we have been hit with some serious spring sunshine recently. Beer gardens have been filled, streets have been buzzing, and summer feels like it is already here. If, like us, you’re already dreaming of whiling away your days on the beach, but you’re not sure where’s the best place to use up some of your precious holiday, look no further. These are the best European beach locations for 2024 that you haven’t heard; the up-and-coming places to see and be seen this summer.


Seychelles Beach - Greece


Seychelles Beach Greece

Photo: Living 360

This well-kept secret is situated only fifteen kilometres outside of the capital – Agios Kirikos – on the island of Ikaria. The island is in the ‘blue zone’, meaning its inhabitants live longer than average, and it’s no surprise because who wouldn’t want to live forever in a location like this? The white sand provides a perfect canvas for the turquoise waters of this beach, and it’s sheltered by a rugged golden coastline. You need to be in the know about this one; the path down through the cliffs is marked solely by an arrow painted on the road and requires some scrambling, but the sublimity and peace of this beach is more than worth the effort. Plus – with the appetite the hike back will work up, you’re in the perfect place to visit Magganitis’ famous taverna, selling seafood fresh from the boat.


Île d’Yeu - France


Île d'Yeu France

Photo: Achards Tourist

The cooler and less crowded sister to the popular Île de Ré, the Île d’Yeu is home to over thirty beaches, but we particularly love the Plage des Sabias. This idyllic cove is lined with quaint whitewashed fishers’ huts, and the land horizon is commandeered by the 14th-century paet-ruin Vieux Chateau. Its sheltered location makes this the perfect spot for activities like paddle boarding, swimming, and sunbathing. The 2024 addition of La Mission Hotel to the town here makes it the perfect place to visit ahead of the curve, and its gorgeous, rugged setting simply begs to be explored – when you’re not basking on the golden sand that is.


Parque Natural da Arrabida - Portugal

Parque Natural da Arrabida Portugal

Photo: Lonely Planet


A forty-minute drive out of Lisbon lies the Natural Park of Arrabida. Running from the mountain range down to beaches, this stunning area is largely undiscovered by tourists but offers so many activities, it’s one for explorers and nature lovers. It’s a special conservation area, so the natural world surrounding you here is untouched and well-respected. While it’s well worth a visit for the beaches alone, which are stunning in their own right, the whole park has so much else to offer. Horse-riding along the sand, winery tours, and hiking up through the conservation areas to get to breath-taking vistas of the coastline, to name just a few…


Spiaggia dei Conigli in Lampedusa - Italy

Spiaggia dei Conigli in Lampedusa Italy

Photo: Italia


This beach on Italy’s southernmost island has maintained its pristine beauty largely thanks to its protected status – as one of the few places in Italy where loggerhead sea turtles lay their eggs. Accessible only by boat or by a short hike, and with numbers regulated to ensure the perfect experience on offer here remains perfect, this is a truly exclusive location. Its crystal clear, shallow waters are perfect for snorkelling and admiring the treasure trove beneath the ocean’s surface; this is a very special place.


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