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Time For a Quick Getaway: The Best Affordable City Breaks for Spring 2024

By Lucy Connors


Europe spoils us for choice in terms of city breaks; there’s a reason why last year the UK went on more city breaks than beach holidays. Everyone knows about the favourites; Paris, Amsterdam, Rome, and more recently Budapest, but here are some of the best-underrated city spot breaks, that are affordable and definitely will make the 2024 Spring a little more memorable.


Vilnius, Lithuania 


Vilnius Lithuania

Often hailed as one of the cheapest cities in Europe, the city just celebrated its 700th birthday and is the perfect spot for a weekend getaway. It’s a compact and walkable city, so summit the Hill of Three Crosses for breath-taking views of it all. Vilnius is booming with innovation right now, in its culinary scene, museums, and in Užupis - the quirky bohemian neighbourhood that declared itself a republic in 1977.  


Athens, Greece 


Athens Greece

Athens blends the ancient and modern beautifully; the Acropolis looms large but hidden within the city’s streets you’ll find quirky boutiques, open-air cinemas, galleries, and hotels all fuelled by new creatives emerging within the art and design world. Visit in the spring to avoid some of the stifling heat, while the weather is still nice enough to spend time on the city’s gorgeous beaches, or in the secret coves. Quickly becoming Southern Europe’s place to be, the city is a perfect eclectic mix. 


Riga, Latvia 


Riga Latvia

Often flying under the radar, categorised as somewhere for parties and stags, the capital of Latvia has so much more to offer than its nightlife. The beautiful and incredibly historic city is filled with colourful and well-preserved Hanseatic architecture – even just walking around the city is a special activity, particularly its Old Town. The city doesn’t get overwhelmed with tourists, so you won’t be fighting for the best views or queuing hours for the best cafés and bars.  


Porto, Portugal 


Porto Portugal

A picture-perfect destination, and Portugal’s second-largest city, Porto is the perfect place to visit in the spring. You’ll find it draped with blue skies and mid-twenty degrees, and not-so-filled with tourists, meaning you can wander its Old Town Ribeira District, winding cobbled streets, and along the Douro River without being overwhelmed by heat and people. It’s a UNESCO World Heritage City, and the architecture is nothing short of sublime. The city is also famed for its Port Wine production, so be sure to head to one of the Riverside Houses for a wine tasting. 


Dubrovnik, Croatia 


Dubrovnik Croatia

This city scores highly due to its natural setting; the Adriatic’s stunning walled city sits at the base of a mountain and is an explosion of colour. From the turquoise of the water to its famous red roofs, pink bougainvillaea, and orange trees. Life spills out onto the streets here with its café culture, cliffside bars, and outdoor jazz at the Troubadour – nightly for six months of the year. Exploring the islands around the city is also a must, with an easy paddle on a sea kayak all it takes to reach another paradise. 


Warsaw, Poland 


Warsaw Poland

One of the most fresh, exciting, and creative cities of the moment, the trends emerging from Warsaw have the city buzzing. With studios for art collectives, jazz cafes, culinary hot spots, and speakeasies emerging all over the place and revitalising the city’s youthful energy. The meticulously rebuilt Old Town is full of stunning architecture and bright colours, and there are numerous fantastic museums to help you understand the city’s history and significance. Warsaw won the title of European Travel Destination of the Year in 2023, and you can fly there for less than the price of a London night out. 


Lille, France 


Lille France

Close enough for a day trip, Lille is a foodie heaven. Whether you’re attracted by the Micheline Starred Clarance Hotel or the hotspots for Flemish street food, the city has a thriving culinary scene. The city is full of estaminets; cosy and bustling taverns serving traditional dishes. A city that is often overshadowed by its proximity to Paris, but it’s equally as stunning, very fashion-forward, and shows off both its French and Flemish heritage through its museums, architecture, and cuisine.  


Our proximity to Europe gives us a special opportunity to explore so many fantastic cities, admire their history, and experience their cultures, even if you’re on a budget.   


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