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A Bygone Era of Luxury and Glamour: Escape to the Burgh Island Hotel

Off the coast of South Devon, in an area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, is a 26-acre private tidal island. On its northern shore overlooking Bigbury on Sea and Bantham Beaches stands an iconic white Art Deco landmark, the Burgh Island Hotel.

The hotel is a testament to a bygone era where elegance and glamour meet natural beauty. Crossing the causeway to this bastion of Englishness feels like entering a different world. Cut off twice a day by the tide, the island's isolation, as well as the old-school glamour, transports guests back in time, delivering a unique escape for those seeking luxury with a dash of nostalgia.

At low tide, the island is accessible on foot or by car, but at high tide, guests trundle through the waves on a giant-wheeled hydraulic sea tractor. Designed by a nuclear power station pioneer and thought to be the only vehicle of its kind in the world, the sea tractor adds to the island's charm and is affectionately known by some as the “coastess trolley”.

Architectural highlights

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