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Relent Clothing, architecturally inspired

When visiting the ancient monuments in the grand cities of Europe, most people would be blown away by their grandeur, intricacy and attention to detail. However, the majority of people would not then use the architectural phenomenon’s as inspiration for a high quality, stylish clothing brand looking to offer high fashion at an affordable price. For Jack Clarke, owner of Relent Clothing, this is exactly what he did.

After touring around Europe, exploring the historical landmarks of cities such as Rome and Prague, the young entrepreneur found the subtle detailing of the buildings such as the Pantheon fascinating. With a passion for photography, Jack accumulated vast amounts of photos of the architecture as well as the artwork that many of the buildings contained on their walls and ceilings. Little did he know at the time that these photos would then become the foundation of Relent Clothing.

With their pattern designs being influenced by the detailing on ancient buildings, Relent Clothing items are stylish, sleek and are expertly crafted and designed. The clothing ranges from mens swimwear and hoodies to t-shirts and accessories, with their unique patterns being embroidered onto each garment to give an end product that is of the highest quality. The techniques used in creating the clothing is a mix of old and new methods. Each pattern design is created on digital technology, whilst the embroidery uses traditional needle practices, to ensure the intricate features of each shape. The combination of two different manufacturing techniques is also a reflection of the brand ethos and identity. Relent Clothing looks to fuse together both contemporary and historical artistic direction in order to create a brand that celebrates culture, art and architecture. For Jack Clarke, the importance of incorporating the culture of various European cities is a vital part of the Relent story and something that will play a major role in the future.

Relents approach to clothing is original and refreshing. In a period of fast fashion where trends and manufacturing are constantly evolving, it can be difficult for new designers to break into the market in a significant way. However, Jack has brought new ideas to the table with the use of ancient architecture as inspiration for his designs. This, when combined with the attention to detail that he strives for and the focus on making the brand an affordable, yet aspirational high fashion brand is a recipe for success. Originality is what the fashion world is crying out for currently, and this is definitely something that Relent Clothing offer.

Photos: Relent website and instagram


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