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Making Art Affordable in 2021

Art is such an integral part of our life and it really does have the power to transform spaces into colourful, storytelling, visual masterpieces. Art is naturally very subjective, and the majority of people have varying degrees of interest in the craft. However, it is impossible to deny the impact that artwork can have one our personal spaces, and the intrinsic effect that pieces of art can have on our emotions. To brighten up the January blues, it may be time to buy a piece of art to help lift the mood. Whilst art is notoriously expensive, we have put together a list to help navigate the somewhat intimidating art landscape and we have picked out the best, affordable, works of art to invest in.

Breezing Away Print-Sonic Editions

This is a must have print from lauded photographer Stephen Ringer. The picture is a perfect representation of blissful holidaying on the Argentario Coast and will add a breath of summer to the walls of your home. The photo was taken at the stunning Hotel Il Pellicano in Tuscany and illustrates avid sightseers preparing for a boat trip.

A$AP Rocky Cover Shot-Gentleman’s Journal

A classic magazine cover shot is always a welcome addition to an art collection. This timeless edition of The Gentleman’s Journal with fashion and music mogul A$AP Rocky is a stylish and sleek cover shot.

Jordi Artigas

This original from artist Jordi Artigas is a thought-provoking piece that is a mix of both the primitive and vanguard. With the blend of colours, using natural materials such as coffee, the work is inspired by artists such as Jackson Pollock. This is a piece is inspiring and emotional, which is a trend followed in most of his work.

Feelings #8-J Neumann

An abstract piece from one of the in-house artists at Abstract House, this is an original work of art that is simple yet attention-grabbing. Made up from acrylics on a cotton canvas, it is a piece that would be ideal for any large expanse of wall to add colour and appeal.

Jusengama Voyage Ceramic Bowl-By Japan

This ceramic is a perfect addition for any cabinet or display area. The range of colours is dynamic and eye-catching, whilst the elegant design is refined and delicate. Whilst it is mainly a show piece, it could also be used to a practical means and would make a good addition to any dinner party crockery!


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