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How to make 4 timeless cocktails whilst in lockdown

As summer is approaching why not use the time at home to brush up on your cocktail making skills and get familiar with these timeless classics. These are the cocktails that are sure to be an attraction at any summer soiree, whilst bursting with flavour.


A Negroni is a classic. A drink that is versatile and can be made at any time of the year. This is a drink that is has been made famous by the likes of Ernest Hemingway and is a little taste of the Amalfi Coast. The perfect way to welcome in summer.


· Campari

· London Dry Gin

· Vermouth Rosso

· Orange Peel

To make:

· Add one part Campari, one part Gin and one part Vermouth to a cocktail shaker with crushed ice.

· Mix the ingredients vigorously in the shaker

· Pour contents into a tumbler over cubed ice

· Garnish with a slice of orange peel (if you are feeling audacious flame the orange peel over the drink first for extra flavour)


Although synonymous with James Bond, a martini comes in different forms. In this version we are going to focus on the original version, the Gin Martini. A purely spirit based drink, like a Negroni, a Gin Martini definitely packs a punch but is a perfect pre or post dinner aperitif.


· London Dry Gin

· Dry Vermouth

· Lemon Peel or 3 olives

To make:

· Place crushed ice in a mixing glass

· Add four parts Gin and one part Vermouth to the mixing glass

· Stir gently for around 30 seconds, do not over stir as this will dilute the cocktail

· After 30 seconds strain mixture into a chilled cocktail glass

· Garnish with either a strip of lemon peel or three olives


A drink that is made for late summer evenings, a Cosmopolitan is a refreshing yet tangy cocktail. With its roots in Minneapolis, the drink is relatively contemporary and allegedly is the accidental creation of Bar Tender Neal Murray after adding Cranberry Juice to a Kamikaze.


· Vodka

· Cointreau

· Cranberry Juice

· Lime Juice

· Slice of Orange Peel

To make:

· Chill a martini glass with ice

· Place crushed ice into a cocktail shaker

· Pour 1 ½ parts Vodka, ½ part Cointreau, 1 parts Cranberry juice, ¼ part fresh lime juice into the shaker