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Ducks, Sazzaquacks and Champagne: Introducing Three Sheets, Soho

That’s it, the working week has drawn to a close, the weekend is ushering itself in. Maybe you have your sights set on trying that new bakery or going to watch that play or maybe even giving yourself some TLC and escaping the city noise by an impromptu trip away.


That is, of course, perfectly fine, but in reality, we think there is only one place you should been venturing across to this weekend: Three Sheets’ namesake new establishment, on Manette Street, Soho. You would be foolish not to, and trust us, we speak from experience. Why? Well, last Thursday we were fortunate enough to be at the launch party for the stunning new bar, and it was nothing short of brilliant.

Three Sheets Soho

Arrival Bubbles

The new addition to the Three Sheets collection is understated style and elegance personified. A vast marble bar top, cosy leather alcoves, warm, soft lighting and a relaxed intimate atmosphere provided the backdrop of the evening’s festivities, and on entering we were greeted by an amicable buzz, infused with chatter and the intermittent cork popping.


As guests streamed through the doors, we were lucky enough to pinch a pair of seats at the bar, which gave a fantastic vista of the mixologists busy at their craft, making the mouth-watering cocktails with which Three Sheets has become synonymous. We were firstly greeted with a glass of the ripe and rounded Billecart-Salmon Brut, a must try champagne on any visit there.


We quickly settled in, mesmerised by the hustle of the artists behind the bar. As the initial glass of champagne began to disappear, we pored over the menu, trying to come to a consensus over which cocktail to kickstart the evening. A Dirty Martini and a French 75 were soon decided upon, and it was immediately apparent that Three Sheets now leads the way as one of The Guide’s favourite cocktail bars.


Three Sheets Soho

The Bar at Three Sheets

Delicately balanced, with innovative twists and most importantly packing a good punch, each cocktail that we tried was excellent, and maybe a bit too quaffable!


The Dirty Martini, a delicious blend of Belvedere, Koseret Tea, Olive Oil, Picpoul and Sea Salt.


The French 75 expertly crafted with Gin, Clear Lemon, Orange Flower Water, Chardonnay, Cloud Tea, Oak and Verjus.


Three Sheets Soho

A Cherry Cosmo

The Paloma elegantly made with Volcan Tequila, Mexican Oregano, Verbena Berry, Dhania and Grapefruit Soda.


And finally, our undeniable favourite, the Sazzaquack, Three Sheets’ take on a Sazerac, a phenomenal mix of Seven Tails XO, Whistlepig 10yr, Five Spice, Rooibos Tea and Lemon Absinthe, served in a quaint custom glass, housing a duck in the bottom. See the picture below to allow for any confusion on the duck…


Three Sheets Soho

The Famous Sazzaquack

As the evening progressed and guests mingled, chatting about the culinary world and more, it was easy to see how Three Sheets will continue to excel with their latest outpost in Soho. Everything about the location, the interiors, and crucially, the drinks align in perfect symmetry for an experience that sets the bar high, very high.


So with all that in mind, there is little else for us to say than you better get in there quick before the secret is out the bag for good!


With thanks to Goya Comms and the Three Sheets Team for a wonderful evening.


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