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Under-the-radar Menswear Brands We Are Shopping With This Autumn

Words: Luke Brown

As the days draw shorter, and the weather certainly gets colder, we will all be looking to layer up. But perhaps your wardrobe needs a few new additions to keep yourself looking effortlessly stylish even if the weather does not cooperate. Fortunately we are on hand to round up five of the best under-the-radar menswear brands that will offer unique, and elegant clothing to see you through the greyer months ahead.


Sunflower Clothing

Sunflower is yet another stellar brand that has emerged from the Nordic region. The Copenhagen fashion house is not one to neglect this Autumn, and with clothing that is not based on trend, but rather based on refinement intertwined with contemporary twists, Sunflower will not leave you disappointed.

From their two-front leather trench coats to the short-sleeved striped pyjama shirts, Sunflower crafts clothing that allows men to access genuine quality meshed with unique facets to ensure that you will look stylish, and individual.


Needles Clothing

Part of Keizo Shimizu’s Nepenthes company, Needles errs more on the avant garde side, with gorpcore inspired clothing that includes track jackets, their signature sweatpants, as well as fantastic outwear such as heavy duty jackets crafted with black sateen.

Needles provides you with sturdy yet extremely fashionable garments, that will undoubtedly see you through the cooler months ahead. See the brand as Japanese technicality meeting retro America.


Altea Clothing

Altea is a true under-the-radar menswear gem. The Italian company, based in Milan, makes sleek, smart items that are essentials for any wardrobe. Beautifully crafted, Altea’s clothing oozes sophistication and is the perfect place to get all of your party season pieces.

From grandad-collar shirts and denim shirts to roll-neck cashmere knits, Altea is a contemporary boutique, that will elevate your everyday wardrobe. Think traditional, genuine menswear.

Story MFG

Story MFG

For slightly different pieces, Story MFG is your go to. The name is a shortened version of Story Manufacturing, and the company is based on quirky, good quality clothing that is sustainable.

From denim jackets made from recycled cotton to the baggy Lush Pants, Story MFG has a genuine distinctiveness and brings innovative twist to staple classics, whilst being good to the planet. For unique items to layer up on this Autumn, Story MFG is the place.


Neutrale Clothing

Finally on our list is the Madrid based Neutrale. Whilst not strictly a menswear brand due to the variety of genderless clothing that they create, Neutrale draws its creativity from the Mediterranean.

Think as Neutrale as your home for wardrobe essentials, as there you will find cotton hoodies, sweatpants and t-shirts, in a range of neutral pastels and hues that will provide the base for many different outfits this Autumn.


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