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Women's Boxer Shorts are in Vogue: Here are the Best Places to Buy Them

Words: Charlie Elizabeth Culverhouse

So many fashion trends come and go, failing to stick around for long enough to make a serious splash in the world of fashion. But boxers are not one of those fleeting fads. We’re not talking about men’s underwear here. Instead, the traditionally hidden necessity has made its way directly into our line of sight and become one of the biggest womenswear trends of 2023.

Even as we head into the cooler weather of Autumn, the loungewear staple is set to stick around with a myriad of independent British brands working to make the humble boxer a fashion-forward staple in everyone’s wardrobe. Here we round up some of the most unique brands we’ve found that are on hand to get you up to date with the women's boxer short trend.

Speltham Clothing

Speltham’s unisex boxers are the perfect outerwear take on underwear. With a comfort-first and genderless approach to design, their Classic Boxers boast the perfect loose and relaxed fit with a low-waisted elasticated waistband for ultimate freedom of movement. Available in classic pinstripe patterns, sweet and dainty ginghams as well as bold block colours, there’s a pair to fit into any aesthetic. Add to that that the boxers are ethically handmade in North London only using the highest quality 100% Cotton Poplin material, and there’s not much more you could ask from the brand.

Homme Girls Clothing

The boxers trend relies on a specific relaxed and longline fit of shorts that isn’t perhaps everyone’s cup of tea. Here Homme Girls step in to give a different take on the design for those not completely in love with more oversized style. Their 70’s Stripe Boxer Shorts feature a slightly shorter hemline than most other offerings, with a tighter fit around the hips and leg working to feminise the look. Similarly their Original Men’s Boxer Shorts also boast a more slimmed-down design while keeping the longer length and looser fit of traditional boxer styles. They’re a perfect buy for anyone unsure of dipping their toes into the trend but who still wants to participate in the unique styling.

Sunspot Clothing

Founded in 1860, this luxury, heritage British label is known for their timeless design. And it really is timeless. Sunspel actually introduced the boxer short as we know it today to Britain all the way back in 1947 and the design of their boxers is still basically the same today. Available in all the classic prints you expect from boxers, the attention to detail is what elevates these pieces to some worthy of seeing the sun, rather than being hidden by layering. The seams are double-turned and sewed down to avoid rough edges. To avoid any blatant seams or unflattering fitting at the rear, they’ve added a distinctive back panel instead. And, only adding to the luxury, they only make their boxers from 100% long staple fine cotton to give the wearer unmatched lightness, softness and breathability.

Piglet in Bed Clothing

While we’re already pushing out the boat with underwear as outerwear, why not step out a little further and leave the house in pyjamas? The linen bedding and sleepwear brand Piglet In Bed may have accidentally created the perfect boxer co-ord set, rivalling any deliberate attempts to design an actual staple boxer and shirt combo. Their range of Linen Pyjama Shorts Sets come in a variety of patterns that the womenswear boxers trend absolutely loves; gingham, classic pinstripes, and muted block colours like olive green, off-white and berry reds. With the inherently relaxed fit of pyjamas evident in their design, these sets emulate the boxers' look perfectly and have the added benefit of coming with a matching shirt that can be used to create a stylish co-ord look in the cooler weather.

Rozenbroek Clothing

Another brand for those unsure about the boxers trend, Rozenbroek have delivered the perfect alternative that still shows off the same style as boxers but with the added reassurance that they are outerwear pieces. Made in England using solar power, Rozenbroek’s Organic Poplin Shorts feature a high waist silhouette, comfortable elasticated waistband, and a roomy and relaxed fit around the hips and legs. Made using 100% organic cotton and crafted by hand in Yorkshire in a studio fuelled by solar power, the shorts are available in classic boxer patterns with the added delight of bold pink ginghams and ditsy floral patterns that traditional boxer brands shy away from.


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