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Relaxing in comfort: the best up and coming loungewear companies you should be buying from

A round-up of the best up and coming loungewear brands you should be shopping from. Read more
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A Premium Unisex & Luxury Travel, Music, Food & Style Magazine, based in the UK 

The Guide is a unisex online and printed magazine covering a variety of topics including travel, music, food and drink, and lifestyle. Produced in Derbyshire but sold across all areas of the UK, our magazine has become increasingly popular since its launch. 

The perfect magazine for a coffee table, we cover everything you need to know to keep you up to date with modern day life. We have recently finished putting together our latest edition including the best articles on travel, food and drink, interviews, fashion and music. You can check out the most recent edition here and get it delivered straight to your doorstep across local areas such as Derbyshire and across the UK.  


'Nourishment is our job and that is what is most rewarding'-Chef Will Bee

The Guide



About The Guide

'Bringing the upcoming to the forefront'

The Guide is the voice of the up-and-coming in the lifestyle world. We champion original, future creative talents, utilising our platform to help these individuals and brands break into the public eye. This principle is built on the foundation of our commitment to ensure the highest quality writing and engaging content, all within a stylishly creative and visually striking publication.

By becoming a part of The Guide’s community, you will always be one step ahead of the crowd.

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Editors Choice

Chef Will Bee Paul Ainsworth at No. 6


The Guide 

Chef Will Bee has been cooking up a storm 
Recent Interviews
Hibell DJ Producer

Aaron Hibell


Chris Beastall Ape to Gentleman

Chris Beastall

Owner of Ape to Gentleman 

Anna Toman GB Hockey

Anna Toman 

GB Hockey Player

Felix Favor Fairfax and Favor

Felix Favor Parker

Founder of Fairfax and Favor 

Why Choose Our Luxury Unisex Magazine?

The Guide is the perfect stylish coffee table magazine for any household and a great read to get to know what is going on around you. From the best luxurious travel destinations, to where you should be eating, we have got you covered with all aspects of lifestyle, food and drink, travel and more. 

One of the best things about our unisex and luxury magazine is that our articles are tailored for everyone, regardless of age or gender. Whether you enjoy reading about the “how to’s” in life, including how to plan a gap year on a budget, or want to keep updated with the latest interviews such as with England star Jonathan Joseph, we have articles suitable for everyone.


Want to find out more about The Guide and the articles we create? Head over to our About Us page or sign up to our newsletter. You can easily purchase The Guide printed magazine today by going over to our shop, we ship all across the UK. Simply add it to your basket, checkout and we will sort the rest for you. For any further information, please get in touch with us directly by filling in our easy, online contact form or by emailing at

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