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5 Songs of the Week

Better than me-Lily Moore

With a jazz influence throughout, Better than Me combines both pop and swing jazz that allows for a laidback vibe that is personified through the vocals of Lily Moore.

The Take-Tory Lanez feat. Chris Brown

Smooth rapping from Tory Lanez in this slow melodic romantic fuelled song is backed up by the diverse vocals of Chris Brown that creates a sound that brings together traditional RnB and modern day trap.

George-Arlo Parks

Arlo Parks has produced a soulful, intimate new album with ‘Sophie’ and the song George is the epitome. With its psychedelic rock sound intertwined with a soul and RnB melody, George really shows why Arlo Parks is a name you should keep an eye on.

Voodoo Rain-Neue Grafik Ensemble feat. Nubya Garcia

An experimental jazz piece that has a strong saxophone melody throughout that still captures elements of classic café jazz, whilst the drums and bass offer something more contemporary. This is a perfect track for a party starter.

Towndown-Sam Wise

A recent release from upcoming rapper Sam Wise, Towndown is a personal account into Wise and its free flowing lyrics allow Sam Wise to achieve this.


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