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A Christmas Gift Guide: The Weird and Wonderful Brands to Buy from this Festive Season

It is that time of year again. The short-lived excitement of Christmas, a time marked by an influx of seasonal hot chocolate flavours and a quick-to-grow-annoying soundtrack of cliched christmas music, has quickly been replaced by the stress of actually preparing for the big day. Whether or not you are a fan of the holiday period, you are likely on the hunt for at least a few gifts for those who have helped you get through the year. This year especially, selecting the perfect gift that comes within budget while also wowing the recipient feels like an expedition riddled with minefields. This Christmas, forgo panic-buying gift sets and socks because, here at The Guide, we have rounded up a selection of independent businesses whose unique and show-stopping selections are sure to make getting the perfect gift that little bit easier. From jewellery to homeware, and even to cutlery, we have got you covered.

Wolf & Moon

For those magpies in your life, who are drawn to the glitz and glam of shining jewellery, a gift from handmade jewellery brand Wolf & Moon is sure to be a showstopper. Wolf & Moon, founded by British designer, Hannah Davis, is home to a myriad of jewellery pieces that cater to a range of individual styles, from eye-catching statement pieces to elevated, everyday essentials.

What started as selling homemade jewellery at weekend markets and craft fairs in London has grown into an online brand with a global presence. To this day, Wolf & Moon’s jewellery is handmade by a small team of makers in their London studio, guaranteeing high quality and lovingly crafted pieces to gift friends and family - or yourself, obviously.

Our favourite gift option from Wolf & Moon are the Mix n Match Hoops which give you the building block of a plain hoop plus add on, interchangeable charms. Then, in the future you can buy more charms that allow you to mix up your jewellery collection without hoarding hoops. It is the perfect gift for any jewellery lover, and for someone who may just be starting their earring collection, they will be blown away by this gift. Plus, you have the added benefit of buying new hoop charms as future gifts - your Christmas presents are forever sorted.

James Barker

London-based illustrator, James Barker’s, online store is filled to the brim with creative prints, illustration-led home goods and quirky tote bags that are bound to bring a smile come Christmas day. He finds inspiration in a variety of sources, from nature to natural history to literary references, and using coloured pencils in a self-admittedly naïve style, creates a beautiful selection of gift-ready items.

Our favourite gift from James Barker are the Canvas Tote Bags. With a range of illustrations available to be printed onto the canvas - our favourite is the Mushroom Print - you can search out a design to suit each giftee on your list in no time. Made of heavy weight cotton canvas, Barker’s tote bags are perfect for grocery shopping, trips to the gym, impromptu picnics or for transporting heavy books to and from uni lectures - everyone in your life will find a use for this gift. Most importantly, the canvas bags are environmentally friendly, long lasting and will help others to ditch the plastic carrier with style.

Studio Dine Store

Home has become an evermore important space in all of our lives. It is likely that you have visited more of your friends’ abodes this year as you all strive to save some cash and forgo the night out for a night in. With this added emphasis on the home, that will likely see more Christmas parties take place in someone’s living room, a gift from homeware company Studio Dine could make the perfect present.

Selling all host of table setting delights, including candles, candle holders, table cloths, vases, and also a selection of incredibly aesthetic puzzles, Studio Dine are making Instagramable table settings achievable for all. All Studio Dine Store candles are hand-poured in small batches in London and are made using 100% soy wax, cotton wicks and natural dyes to ensure they are completely natural, vegan and cruelty-free. Furthermore, any wax offcuts and scraps from the candle making process are repurposed to make the brand’s unique zero waste marbled candle designs.

Our favourite gift from Studio Dine Store for this Christmas is the Festive as Fuck Dinner Candle Pair, which would make the perfect addition to any Christmas table setting. Bringing a modern colour clash combo of pink and red, the candles are handmade in Italy by a family owned candle maker, and then illustrated by hand in London.

Profanity Spoons

We all have those friends who already seem to have everything, and what do you buy someone who has it all? Well, Profanity Spoons have hit the nail on the head. The epitome of unique gifts for unique people, Profanity Spoons sell cutlery with beautifully engraved messages carved into the metal. While the company offers sweet messages like ‘Marry Me?’ and ‘Get Well Spoon’, it is no surprise that their favourites include somewhat less publishable sayings. For a Christmas gift, you can choose from their ready made cutlery featuring messages such as ‘Merry Christmas Bellend’ or ‘Festive As Fuck’. If they do not appeal, the company also takes commissions and you can personalise your own teaspoon with whatever message you wish to send - have fun!


For all your cottagecore-loving friends with a slight penchant for the supernatural, the wellness apothecary, Parigotte, is set to become your go-to for the perfect gift, time and time again. With all of their products being handcrafted in Brighton using 100% natural ingredients, you can rely on both the uniqueness and quality of any gifts you might purchase.

Alongside their selection of herbal teas, Parigotte have an amazing selection of gift boxes, none like the next, and all would make equally beautiful gifts. With each box centred around a different aspect of mindfulness, from the Meditation and Relaxation set to the Manifestation Meditation Ritual Kit, there is a gift set to perfectly match whatever your giftee may love or need.

Our favourite set from Parigotte is the Spiritual Bath. This set comes with a selection of apothecary picks that are sure to relax and renew whoever uses them; a lavender smudge stick, a jar of bath salts, an exfoliating cushion, a vegan lavender soap, and a handmade soap handle. Even for those who do not subscribe to the spiritual ideology running through Parigotte’s products, anyone who enjoys a relaxing night in would readily welcome this gift, especially after the hectic holiday period.


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