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Celebrating the Ten Year Anniversary of Fairfax and Favor: The New Collection

By Luke Brown

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Fairfax & Favor, do they need an introduction? This year is the celebration of Fairfax & Favor's Ten Year Anniversary, and unless you have been living under a rock, you will undoubtedly be familiar with the British countrywear titan. Within a decade of being established, Fairfax & Favor have achieved what many clothing and footwear brands wait years for: global stature and presence.

Fairfax & Favor 10 Year Collection

When childhood friends Marcus Fairfax Fountaine and Felix Favor Parker founded the brand in 2013, they will have had unbridled ambition to take their creation to the very top of the lifestyle and fashion industries, however, did they expect to achieve the colossal success, popularity, and growth in such a relatively short space of time? Such is the quality, refinement and prestige of their products and brand identity, that within the past ten years, Fairfax & Favor now sits firmly at the apex of illustrious British brands.

Championing the concept of rural vogue, the entire mission that Marcus and Felix set out to achieve is to fuse together the passion of the outdoors with a penchant for effortless style. It is this transferability of their products that has ensured Fairfax & Favor’s popularity. The versatility of their designs means that their boots, shoes, and clothing seamlessly morph between country and town lifestyles, and it is this approach that has rapidly accelerated their journey to the forefront of British luxury fashion. But what, you may ask, was their breakthrough?

Fairfax & Favor 10 Year Anniversary

The Regina Boot. An instant success, the knee-high boot, made from the finest suede leather featuring a subtle block heel and tassel detailing, the Regina quickly became a staple for country and city dwellers alike, propelling Fairfax & Favor to the upper echelons of the fashion world. This was the bedrock on which Marcus and Felix capitalised and used to engineer the immense successes that they now enjoy.

So as the ten-year celebrations begin of this British success story, the anniversary will welcome a new variety of rare commemorative pieces. The two flagship items of their limited-edition celebratory line are a new style of The Windsor Handbag and The Regina Boot. Both the intricately designed Windsor Handbag and stunning Regina Boot come with beautiful detailing, highlighting the 10-year anniversary, whilst the Regina Boot comes in a new colourway of tan and navy.

Fairfax & Favor 10 Year Anniversary

There are also special runs of “The Chelsea” and “The Alexandra”, Fairfax & Favor’s men’s Chelsea boot and women’s trainer. Finally, there is the introduction of a 10-year Regina Belt in navy and gold suede. It is undoubtedly a stunning anniversary collection that is Fairfax & Favor personified. As the chapter closes on the first decade of Fairfax & Favor, the anticipation of their second is tangible – both Felix and Marcus can now establish the company as one of the cornerstones of British luxury fashion, and we wait with bated breath to see them smash their stratospheric ambitions.


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