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Why you should be dining at San Carlo Cicchetti

San Carlo Cicchetti’s is an Italian tapas fine dining restaurant that is located in the heart of Soho. A restaurant that has won numerous consumer and industry awards for its delicious Italian menu, its pedigree is well known. The dishes are served smaller than a main and bigger than a starter, making them perfect for sharing.

Every season Cicchetti produces a new menu that is drawn up by the head chef and it combines traditional Italian flavours with contemporary cooking trends. While still retaining the favourites, the new dishes will feature the freshest and best seasonal ingredients sourced from markets in Milan.

The majority of the food is sourced from the best producers in Italy such as Bottarga from Sardinia, Burrata from Naples, and a highlight is the Autumn White Truffle from Alba. This Italian produce is also the basis for the restaurant's stunning, artistic window displays of breads, seafood, fruits, vegetables and fine wines.

It is so popular among a wide range of age groups for its versatile cuisine and expertly crafted dishes. The restaurant has an art-deco style interior with a marble topped bar and tables whilst retaining Italian aesthetics. This brings an air of sophistication to the dining but also shows how Cicchetti’s is much more than a restaurant.

Cicchetti’s is chic and refined with a buzzing atmosphere and friendly staff and this allows for a classy yet informal restaurant. Cicchetti’s is a true gem among other restaurants in London and makes for a perfect meal out whatever the occasion.

Written by XT.

Photos used from San Carlo Ciccechetti's Website.


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